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Two dear friends, who rarely take (or have) time to blog, sent the first letters to arrive in my mailbox. Two friends, who joined A Month of Letters, found the time to write and share a few minutes of their busy lives (one which was a complete surprise!) and I was so delighted! I loved sitting to read, and savor, their notes whilst sipping a cup of tea.

Sunday we met Smith's cousin (from New Hampshire) for dinner at Alta Lodge. He is here to ski and, while the resorts have little snow, the sky is clear, so blue and bright. Just as we arrived, the moon, nearly full, caught the last rays of sun. 

The weekend weather was amazing (a sky scarf update later in the week!) and we put several miles a day on our walking shoes.  The days are too warm and it does not feel like February.


It IS such a treat to get letters, isn't it? I don't believe I will ever tire of the excitement of seeing a note from someone dear to us;-P I agree about the weather, but I figure since I can't fix it, I'll enjoy the heck out of it! Hugs, Dearheart!!!

I'm loving the Month of Letters! So many treats! (And more to come. . .)

Oh, cute card!! And gorgeous sky...

It doesn't feel like February here, altho it will be the end of the week.

I am so happy that you are getting some letters, too during this month of letters. It is such a treat!

It *is* a treat, and one that's increasingly scarce. Love the pictures!

Oooh! Pretty stamps, too. (I may have been, or will be, a philatelist in another life.)

Lovely photo with the moon. The moon was spectacular in Park City last night.

How lovely, the Month of Letters.
I used to be a big letter writer, back in the day before having a computer.. and I always enjoyed the writing, the sharing. I may just be inspired!

I recognize Kathy's handwriting there! I wish I could have stowed away in the cousin's suitcase.

How wonderful!

At least, there is snow...

Hehe! I know that handwriting well! Definitely a family resemblance between the cousins. Hoping for a clear sky for Thursdays Full Moon.

I love the idea of getting letters in the real mailbox outside! I am really happy for you Margene.

I love your photo. I love your views (I just love the mountains).

Lovely letters. We did have so many lovely things that disappeared from our world.

The moon was really handsome last night, first it was like a faint sketch of it and then it became clearer and clearer - lovely.

Yay for real letters!

Nice mail is so fun!

The entire letter writing process is special - selecting the stationary, finding the perfect pen and postage stamp, and then sitting down to slow down and share. That time and care is certainly rewarded by the delight of a recipient such as you, Margene.

I have really been enjoying a month of letters. Just the act of putting something in the mailbox each and every day is soooo very satisfying!

I'm so happy to read this!! xoxox

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