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A Post About Knitting (SHOCK!)

Out of the caldron of burbling WIPs, an FO comes to the surface. The darling Duffers didn't take long to knit and they turned out to be charmingly cute.


A button that matches my two color Duffs "to perfection" was serendipitously found at the LYS, which is the advantage of a large button selection.  I like the slippers well enough, but I will not be one of the many who have made whole hoards of them.  I can see the attraction, but I'm dusting my hands off with one pair.

I'd rather be knitting a shawl, as shawls are part of my daily wardrobe, and I'm of the opinion one can never have too many shawls.  The second WIP to come to the surface of my churning caldron of WIPs is Ziggity!


The colors of Tosh Merino Light, Sequoia the darker of the two and Amber Trinket the light, work better together than I'd imagined.  A failed project left them to marinate in the stash and they came to mind the minute Ziggity was publshed. While there are many more knits to report, this shawl has my rapt attention and, because I love it so, there maybe no forward movement on other knits until this one is complete, which the way I'm going, may not be long.


Those are GREAT slippers!!

Your photos make me think, "Peachy!" Very pretty.

Cute Duffers -- love the addition of the button. I *really* love the color combo of that new shawl. I wear a shawl everyday, too. Never enough...

The slippers are wicked cute and the colors of the shawl are fantastic!

I especially love that they look like Keens! :)

Very cute!

Love the new knitting! Although, I'm still rooting for the gloves. ;^)

Love the Duffers! They look super comfy and warm.

And oooo! LOVE the colorways in your new project!!

Ok, I love the Duffs, (isn't that Home Simpson's beer? ), I love the Ziggity but what I really lov eis the phrase "my cauldron of wips"

Your duffers are great! Love the color combination -- and perfect buttons. I regret that I got sick of making duffers . . . before I made a pair for myself! (And they DO look a bit Keen-like.)

Both are wonderful! The buttons are perfection.

The buttons are perfect. And the shawl makes my fingers itch to start a shawl too. But no... WIPs to finish first.

Love the Duffers and bet they are very warm. Hopefully, soft, too. And, the buttons are a perfect match! Ziggity is going to be absolutely beautiful. Happy Friday, grrlfriend!!!

Cute slippers! What luck to find the perfect button. Ziggity is looking so pretty. I love the colors.

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