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With Intent

It was not my intent to abandon the blog.  I even spent a morning writing a post, but Typepad decided it didn't know who I was and the post was lost. All that work....

So, I walked away because there wasn't time to redo and my life has been a little busy.  Evenings are for visiting with grrlfriends, or dining with Smith (who made a big pot of tasty chili for dinner), and/or perhaps, relaxing with some knitting.  I do not want to be connected every minute of every day.  Thus, I walk away and live "real". 


I have been knitting and, if truth be told, have more on the needles than I've had in years!(?)  Knitting this and that, dabbling and dipping from project to project, is actually quiet fun. As soon as I can pull it all together, and figure out my new camera, I'll give you a report. 


New camera! ; ) Can't wait to see all your projects.

I've been blogging, but posts have been pretty brief -- abbreviated, even. There's a lot going on all of a sudden.

You got a new camera??? Details, please. And I really like the color of your newest project.

What a beautiful colorway! Is that a sock???

Glad you've given yourself permission to enjoy various projects. Knit on!

Gosh, I hate it when my posts get lost (and it happens just a little too often for my liking). All that work! So glad you're living "real." Can't wait to see the project unfold!

New camera! And a pretty, new project! Exciting!

You knitting shutterbug you.

Lovely photo! Need details on your new camera, of course. :)

Post losts are so sucky as to be unbelievable. And the time spent with loved ones? Priceless!!!! Hugs girl. And, I love that color for whatever it is you're knitting right now;-D

Life over blog every day of the week if you ask me! and I love the color of that knit in progress - whatever it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty :)

That's pretty!

This sounds very familiar! Can't wait to see what you've been up to, but take your time. We'll wait!

It's good to step away from technology now and then. :-)

Did you complain to the children at Typepad? That's the only way they'll know we're unhappy. Well that and when I start yelling at them. *L*

I am so glad you've been out and about doing your thing. Keep it up!

Sorry to hear about the lost post, but so glad you were able to put together this entry for our reading pleasure. I am still reflecting on your comment about not wanting to be "connected" all the time, and living a "real" life. Sometimes when I sit down to read my blogs, my email, a few other sites I like to visit, time just gets away from me, and I am amazed at how much time I spend on-line some days. I know I need to spend more time with "real" life!

And I do LOVE the color of your knitting project. Can't wait to see more of it.

Lurve that color! I've abandoned FB for quite some time now in an effort to LIVE the moments. I'm liking it. :-)

I have been a lot more disconnected than you! I love what you do post and how reliable you have been. Take any breaks you need, I'll still be there and so will most of the rest.

Mmmm Sounds promising. A little knitting ADD would be good for your soul.

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