Bluest Day


My Woolen Rabbit Mara Toque (sorry no link) has been slowly growing, but the gauge must be off, as I had to knit the largest size in order for it to fit my pin-sized head.


Maybe it will grow when blocked and, no, I did not check the gauge when I started. It's lace, it's a hat, it will fit someone (that someone is me!). If my knitting mojo continues to hang around there should be a finished hat some time next week and, since it's been a long time between FOs, it will feel good to have this beauty off the needles.


This is the Sky Scarf at the end of last week. Even though we had hopes for a good amount of snow, there has been pathetically little. This week I will try harder to snap memories of the sky and, maybe, we'll have snow!

In truth, I'm not sure why this post posted, as I thought it was sitting in draft form.  I finished Mara over the weekend and intended an FO post, no this.  Anywoo....TTL!

Congrats to Nancy H, as she was the winner of the Jean Moss book, Sweet Shawlettes.


Now. All you need is time to knit. Hopefully, this week!!!

Woolen Rabbit yarn is so pretty, eh... Lookin' good.

I look forward to photos of YOU wearing your new hat. I love the way the sky scarf is coming out. We finally have snow and it's pretty but icy underfoot.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a pin-sized head! Once tried to buy a crash helmet in Australia, but they didn't have the extra-extra small size!

That's a lot of blue, there, in your sky scarf! If I were doing one. . . I'm afraid it would only be shades of grey. All winter long!

I feel the same way about hats and mittens!

Fingers crossed the hat works out and that there's snow on the way!

Congrats, Nancy!

The toque is lovely. :)

The toque looks lovely and that scarf really intrigues me. I can't wait to see how it develops.

The toque is a gorgeous color! Looking forward to the FO pics!
I would be very pleased if you would post frequent shots of the sky scarf. I love the very idea of it!

I hope the toque fits you! I love the color.

I also think that the sky scarf is so neat, and I love watching the colors.

Happy New Year!


One day I will get some Woolen Rabbit. It looks delicious.

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