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They Grow Up so Quickly

Within 24 hours, the buds went from a tiny bit of color peeking through, to the blossoms coming forth!  They are going to be big and beautiful, but there is a problem...I bought one red plant and one WHITE! I'm not complaining as they are both stunning.  One  plant has two stalks, with the larger of the two growing quite well. The second is small, a tiny little whip of a thing, which could still grow into a beautiful flower, I guess.  Regardless, I'm amazed every time I walk into the room.

This is the new camera, a Canon PowerShot. Admittedly, the color swayed me, as did the (mistaken) belief it would be easy to use. As it turns out, nothing is the same as the old camera and the manual (which had to be downloaded) is 212 pages. I'm not even sure where to begin, but I will "cultivate curiosity(#5)" and figure it out.

As to yesterday's post...it's no secret, I'm a big fan of The Woolen Rabbit yarns and last year I joined Kim's first ever yarn club. The December yarn is Mara and the color a deep, rich red, Poinsettia.  I'm rather enamored of its depth and beauty, as well as the lusciousness of the yarn blend (silk/alpaca/merino). You saw the beginning inches of the Mara Toque (no link), a darling hat I'll love wearing (and it will be warm!).

TGIF! Have a fun weekend!


Well... it's certainly a beautiful "white" amaryllis! :-) Lovely blooms, cool camera (I'd be swayed by the blue, too!), and great yarn. Enjoy the weekend, Margene.

That is such a Margene/Terry kind of camera...pretty! I am sure you will have it down in no time. :-)

Oh geez, I have that yarn from Kim, too. I didn't recognize it, though. I'm having trouble keeping the yarn club yarn and patterns organized, I must admit. Love your new camera - it's a Canon! Let me know if you need help, I'm here to assist!

My little "rescue" amaryllis has shown its appreciation for the TLC (planting medium, water, sunlight) and has opened, too. The little plant that could! Happy, happy weekend, my friend.

What camera did you use to photograph your camera...heh.

Apparently you need more red in your life! :)

Good luck sorting out the camera - it's very pretty. :D

Pretty camera! It looks nice and slim.

I bought the EXACT same camera. Like you, I'm missing simplicity. But I do love the color (such a girl thing). I thought maybe I could get some of my knits photographed for Ravelry (woefully behind), but it looks like I'll have to have my teenager take the shots and provide me with an "inservice."

Every year I mean to pick up one of those bulbs and I never do. Perhaps next year will be the one - they look so fun to watch! And the flowers are beautiful.

My amaryllis fizzled on me this year. Yours are gorgeous! So kicking myself for not not joining the club!

Certainly not white, but lovely nevertheless - enjoy!

Maybe it turns white after the red bit?

The camera is cute! And TINY! I must agree with you though, they should be rather more mindless. You have more interest in photography than I do, based on your pretty pictures, so I'm sure you'll figure out the bits you need.

Good Lord, grrl! Where did I fall off? I love the baby flowers. They're gonna be so pretty when they grow up (and, out). I have a Canon Powershot A480 and adore it. It is most definitely fiddley, though. As with all new technology there is a learning curve. You'll get it sooner than later. Happy weekend!!1

Don't you just love seeing something grow so fast this timyof year? Good luck with the new camera!

All those new cameras are inexplicable, but yeah, it helps keep our brains young. You don't have to read all 212 pages. Or even ever.

Wow, that is amazing! 24 hours???

I bought the teeny Nikon Coolpix at your Costco -- remember? It's been a life-saver in some respects -- in that I WILL decide to pack it on a trip, rather than lug the big one. But it doesn't take as good pictures (at least as far as I can see -- me not being the most patient of photographers and all).

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