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Sky Shine


The sky captured my imagination this past week, with its ever changing color and texture. The changing nature has, however, made it difficult to replicate in an orderly way. How on earth am I going to make this scarf look like anything other than a schmatta when I weave in the ends? Blue one day, white, gray, dark gray, med gray, back to shades of blue the next…the beauty of the sky is a little hard to knit. I am not complaining, just commenting. 


Gayle asked to see frequent shots of the scarf as it grows and I will do my best to post the scarf a couple of times a month, both here and on Ravlery.  Some weeks life turns a bit crazy and finding time for pictures of sky or scarf can be diffifcult, but I will try, as long as the sky continues to inspire.


You used the word schmatta in a sentence. heh.

Wow. Gorgeous skies!! And I'm liking the scarf. I've had those same thoughts about woven-in ends... and have fallen woefully behind in my row-a-day knitting while I chew on it. I think I'm okay with the fact that it may not be a masterpiece. Must catch up!

The ever changing skies, that would make it challenging! No doubt it will make an interesting scarf though! :D
The photos are gorgeous, you have beautiful sky up there.

It just occurred to me that if the increases and decreases were done on the starting edge instead of the ending edge of the rows, you could have fringe. Not that you're a fringy-type person, it's just an observation that occurred to me when I was looking at your photo.

I'm carrying my threads up the edge... maybe I'll figure out a way to make them look nicer when I'm done. I tried figuring out how to do an i-cord on the edge as I went, that would enclose the threads. I actually had it working except that it was putting the RS of the i-cord on the WS of the scarf. But maybe an applied i-cord after-the-fact would work.

Your sky photos are fab! Even if I never wear the scarf, it's a great thing just to get me to pay better attention to the sky.

Actually, I think the scarf looks cool right now! I suspect frequent will look better than, say, three weeks of grey...

Well, the scarf is cool enough, but thanks for teaching me a new Yiddish word! I'd be tempted to knit a row with the two adjoining colors together, but that's probably cheating. My bad.

This really is such a good project for you- you are always watching the sky, and you love blues and greys! It will be wonderful to see this grow all year!

Wonderful skies and scarf! I like the after the fact I-cord idea of our Cheryl. That kind of edging can hide all matter of sins. ;^)

Thanks for the photo! I am so charmed by your scarf!

You've got a good long time to think on the perfect solution to the ends, anyway. The Icord sounds good, or maybe a single-crochet edge that encases the ends...

I think you have started a major creative surge!!! Between your photos of the skies and the resulting scarf = along with the intriguing comments (I-cord idea of Cheryl???). Your going to get a cult-like thing going here. :^)
Hope the life crazies settle down.

Beautiful skies. . . are going to make for a beautiful scarf! :-)

Even if it should turn out a schmatta, it will be a schmatta that made you look up at the skye each and every day, a schmatta that challenged you and brought you new creativity.

It looks very cool but I can see what you mean about the ends. I really don't think it's a schmatta but then again, I really love my schmattas so I'm not sure it'd be a bad thing.

Margene, I have a serious love of skies. Sigh. And skies with that mountain view make me almost teary (remind me of the days I lived in Calgary - seeing the mountains every day is inspiring).

I have just accepted mine will have a strong variegated feel. I am carrying the yarns up one edge as recommended, but have to spend time detangling.

*Love* the sky photos, and the scarf is coming along nicely.

I had not considered that about the Sky Scarf, but I think you will make it work.

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