Sky Shine


If Kym, Mary, and Amanda can take a moment, so can I.


My head has been elsewhere, my mind not on the blog, or rather, it is on the blog, but lack of picture (due to bad weather and busyness) have conspired to keep me away.

The house has been a jumbled mess, as Smith has been painting the walls.

The crappy picture above is of my favorite piece of furniture (a Japanese table) and a hopeful bunch of forsythia.  I'm excited for the bit of bright yellow to appear.

Kym brought A Month of Letters to my attention and I'm giving it serious consideration.

This month I have given time to reading and have read 5 books (check the sidebar).  In full disclosure, one book I've not quite finished and another I started before years end, but all have been noteworthy. 

Knitting, oh my, knitting. I am knitting and have started more projects than is normal (I do not like WIPs or UFOs), but I'm okay it, even though I'm slow.

I am very, very happy it's Friday.



I love the table Margene and the Zen aesthetic of the tableau you present. The light isn't as bad as I think you think it is. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

I, too, am most happy it's Friday! I like your pause. It's nice to just . . . take a little breather and do a quick summing up sometimes. (All of your recent "reads" are on my list of books-to-read-soon. Natch!) Enjoy the weekend, Margene.

I love the fish swimming under the calendar ;)

It is nice to take a breather now and then. :-) Our house is a jumbled mess right now as well with renovations. It makes me edgy, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Have a super weekend!!

May you have a wonderful weekend. :)

Have a relaxing weekend!

I love that table and now you've got me thinking I should cut some forsythia tomorrow and bring it inside and force it. Hmmm. What room(s) are you guys painting???

Me, too.


I get some of my favorite book titles from you! You've introduced me to Three Pines, Miss Flavia, and Dragon Tatoos, among others. And now I must head out and trim my forsythia.

Sweet scene. Winter has been so mild this far that it is hard to accept forsythia is almost blooming! The letter challenge is intriguing. I fear the chance of failure.

I love your list of reads. I sometimes look there for an idea for my next read.


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