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Pal Cowl

I've been trying to blog about this cowl for a couple of weeks. First, Typepad ate half the post and then I just couldn't seem to get the rewrite to work out. So, here I am, trying for the third time is a charm.

Speaking of charmed...awhile back, whilst visiting with friends in the LYS, I was thumbing through a magazine and saw a picture of a cowl Susan had been wearing at our last SnB. And then, I noticed it had Susan's name on it. It was her new design, the long and luscious, soft and beautiful, Two Ribs Infinity Scarf, right there in Interweave's Accessories magazine.  I bought the magazine and the yarn on the spot.

It's not the first time Susan's been published, far from it, but it was really cool to see her name, once again, in print. Since Shepherd's Wool is comfortable against the skin, and I loved it around my neck, it was the right wool for this project, especially in the lovely color of Pewter.  Hopefully it will look good with my slowly graying hair.

Susan likes to learn something new with each project and I should have known it would be the same with this scarf. In reading the pattern I realized the cast on was something I hadn't used before AND I wasn't sure I wanted to learn. I have a way of digging in my heels and deciding not to do what I'm told (some of you will not be surprised by that confession). However, I decided to turn over a new leaf (at least with this project) and just DO it....because of Susan.

From what I can tell, the cast on is like the Long Tail Tubular Cast On and the first time through I wasn't quite sure what was happening or how it fit in with the rest of the scarf.  I cast on all 200+ stitches and saw there was no way to stop, no way to set it down, and I just wasn't sure what I was doing.  However, I just did it, just worked all the way through and then, started the knit back row. That's when the light went on and I could see the reason for the cast on, why it was perfect for the ribbing, why there could be no mistake in the whole 200+ cast on, and that I needed to do it again.

Off the whole thing came. I started and didn't stop, just got into the rhythm (there is a really cool rhythm to the whole thing), and went for it. I made it all the way through, no errors, no problems, just a beautifully executed cast on, which was verified on knit back row.  It was actually fun to do it right, to create the perfect cast on for the project.  I need to remember this and not be so afraid to try something new, to keep the curiosity primed, love to learn, and just DO it.


It's the rhythm that helped you. That cowl is lookin' good.

I expect that's a good lesson for me, too. Sometimes the new technique that I'm so resistant to trying is unspeakably clever---and so worth learning to do. Thanks for the reminder. The cowl will be beautiful!

Well, you've only made me want to learn to do it and see why and how it works so well! That'll be a wonderful color on you.

Susan is a pain in the ass with her new techniques (and you can tell her I said so!) but I have to admit she's always right about them! That's a beautiful color.

Good for you for sticking with it! It will be perfect.

Oh Margene...that is going to be so beautiful!

Me, too. I get all rebellious and say "NO", when I almost always end up thrilled with the end result. I am looking forward to the completed cowl. Enjoy the process, dear friend!!! And, Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like a wonderful start. Can't wait to see the finished product on you with that lovely hair of yours!

That's a lovely, cozy color. :)

I had to give mine away -- just so you know. . .

It's going to be beautiful! (And that yarn? So perfect for a cowl! Really. One of my favorite yarns.) It's so good to learn new things -- but sometimes, so hard! (I, too, resist ANYone "telling" me what to do.) Can't wait to see it completed!

That moment when it all clicks can be so fantastic and magical. That's going to be one gorgeous cowl.

Fabulous! I like the look of it doubled, though it hasn't been that cold yet this winter.

I think Life is all about learning new things. Embrace!

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