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It would have been nice to collect an album of 365 sky pictures, but I knew it would never happen.  The days are short this time of year, the camera gets left behind, or the memory doesn't kick in until it's much too late. Therefore, pictures of the sky will be taken as often as they can be.  

The sunrises have been puny, the few sunsets I've seen have had no glow, and the sky has been a soft, hazy blue.  The inversion hasn't taken hold and the only (partial) day of gray led to a small amount of snow.  You might say, nothing much is happening. 


Lacy Baktus is small, at this point, each row is under a dozen stitches.  If there isn't time to knit a row one day I can catch up rather quickly the next. You can see just that one little row of gray, and the next two rows (days), at least, will be back to blue, the same blue.

Each day I write down the time of day, and the color of the sky, in a little journal. If a few days go by, and I haven't had a chance to knit the rows, I can catch up with my notes. My hope is there will be day after day of blue skies, different colors of blue, but blue nonetheless. The little bit of salmon pink in the sunrise reminds me I must find just the right color to capture the many sunrises and sunsets I see throughout the year.


Mine is mostly blue, as well -- and I like it that way!

I love this project! Wishing you all the blue skies you could possibly want.

Pretty pretty skies and I love that you're knitting sky right now. Good for the soul.

A notebook of the sky colors is a fantastic idea. We had a dusting of snow overnight and I wish I'd brought my camera with me today. The pond by my office was gorgeous this morning - all the pine trees were dusted in white and the pond was like glass.

It's going to be an awesome scarf. We started the day with gray skies and snowfall. It's ending with sunshine blues skies and no sign that there ever was snow. This transplanted beach bum is loving it! I hope you have much more blue headed your way!

Would you mind if I wish for some blue speckled with white for the next little bit...signifying snow...remember snow?

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it past the second day before I forgot. :) But I do like the mindfulness involved in this project.

Beautiful sky shots. . . and that's going to be a beautiful baktus, too! Can't wait to watch your "sky" unfold!

What a lovely idea! It is doable, it makes you wake up to what is around you, and it will be a real treasure once it is finished.

This is very cool. I like it in the form of the lacy baktus, too.

What a lovely project! Your pictures are so pretty!

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