Bluest Day

Gray Matter

Thank you for your comments on yesterday's post. Many of you mentioned Jean's answer of my color question and I thought I'd let you know about her post on color earlier in the week. You have until tomorrow night to comment on Wednesday's post in order to win a copy of Sweet Shawlettes.


The skies are as gray as my knitting, however, they're as welcome as my knitting. We've not had much of a winter and the mountains have been sorely bereft of snow. From the sounds of it, they'll be getting pounded over the next few days, which means I'll have a chance to wear my beautiful Two-Ribs Infinity Scarf.  It should be finished this weekend and, hopefully, there will be FO shots, too!


So glad the snow has come to your mountains! Let it pour! :-)

Maybe your lovely FO will make it snow -- that's my hope.

This has been a strange winter, indeed! I love your Two-Ribs Infinity Scarf. It's lovely and will be soft and warm against your neck while outside walking. Happy Thursday!

It's been beautiful and sunny here the last few days which has gone a long way to mood improvement for me, but snow is nice too. :-)

I can't wait to see this cowl/scarf finished...it's so pretty!

We have a pale blue sunny sky -- and the coldest temps so far this year, made even colder by a stiff wind from the west. Brrrr! I've piled on the wool this morning!

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished cowl - I think it's going to be fabulous.

Yay! This year the snow has been sparse and late in upstate NY, too. This is only my third season here, but already I felt the lack of the nromally cold and snowy winter as a real loss. Who knew I would ever (everevereverever) wish for more snow and a bit more cold? Now that I've tried my knees at skiing, though, I would even be wishing for snow if I were in the valley with you.

Send it on down here to us when you are finished with it - we could use a LOT more in the mtns this year again.

Yay for snow in the mountains!! I've been enjoying not having snow, but it's going to be a dry spring if this keeps up...

Still no snow here but that's not really unusual. We are supposed to get a tiny bit tonight and again on Saturday, though.

Thank you for posting the link to her colour post. Snow has been pretty sparse around here too, though we're getting a light dusting today.

We finally got some snow today. While I can't say I have missed it I know our lake levels will be really low this winter if we do not get some decent snowfalls.

Fingers crossed for lots of snow and knitting this weekend!


No snow here either, but that's not uncommon.
The scarf looks like a cosy knit.

I had the two-ribs infinity cowl cast on in a gray/black/white Mushishi yarn. It looks fabulous. But I had to pull it out as I cast on too tightly and ignored my good sense for 20 rows. I have yet to re-cast on. I need to practice the required cast on with a smaller number of stitches.

I love grey. This is going to be beautiful!

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