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Fish-eyed and Googly-eyed

The camera may be kicking my butt. This is not what I'd call a "point and shoot", as the settings are very fiddly and I haven't quite worked them out. I did find a fish-eye setting which I promptly used, as it brought to mind Vicki's fabulous fish-eye photos from last year (or was it the year before).


After all the time and effort I've put into figuring out this camera I wonder if an SLR would have been easier.

The amaryllis have not fared well. The "Big White", which is pictured, fell over during the night, as it was very top heavy.  Have you ever seen an amaryllis with 5 blossoms?! She has 5 (that's stacked!), so it's no wonder she toppled. The other amaryllis, was knocked right over and hit the floor. Both plants have been saved and will brighten my room for another week or so.

The week has been too busy, but next week I'll have a very special post and give away a new book.  More on that over the weekend.  I plan on catching up with a knitting update and maybe a few more sky pictures, too!  whew



Pretty blossoms and nice photo. Contest? Whatta temptress ;)

I love that you have a fish eye option on your camera. I'd like a fish eye lens but I don't feel like I can justify the expense for one. Enjoy your amaryllis and the weekend!

That fish eye option is so cool!!

Grrr. Third time's a charm for commenting, right?

I love that option on your camera, too! I suggest that you might concentrate on one feature at a time on your camera -- a week of fish-eye, a week of macro, etc. I've done that -- or challenged myself to make do with whatever lens is on the camera. Eventually, you'll find out which settings work best for the types of photos you like to take most. It's likely that there are some settings that you'll end up rarely (or never) using.

Sigh....I envy your camera. I'm tired of bad shots with mine (unless you are in just right light) and wish I had the fun of learning a new one!

Beautiful flowers, in spite of everything. Enjoy your weekend!

Ooooh! Fish eye! That will be fun to play with! Amaryllis blooms are so beautiful -- but they do tend to topple and get a bit unwieldy. Oh well. Blooms. In January. I'll take 'em! Enjoy the weekend, Margene!

I love the curved lines to the fish-eye photos! Five blossoms!!
Happy Weekend, Margene!

Awesome photo!

I hope you don't get discouraged about the new camera, how fun to be able to take shots like that! Next time you are garden shopping, look for those tall plant support stakes. They are metal, and will loop around your stalk to help hold up a heavy bloom. I love them!

Ooh, those are pretty! I finally caved and got myself a pot when I was running errands the other day. They were on clearance - we'll see if anything comes of it!

Is there an automatic setting? That's what I use 99% of the time on my point and shoot. Pretty shot!

I got a wide angle lens for xmas and now I want a fish eye lens! So cool!

So pretty!

I always use a hurricane lamp to steady my amaryllis. It's heartbreaking when they call over.

I hope you and Smith have a wonderful long weekend.


Gorgeous blooms and neat photo! I always end up staking mine (when I have them) to keep them from flopping.

BEAUTIFUL. Mine fell over too. And the second stem? Cracked in half half way through bloom time. Had to complete the amputation and put it in a vase. Self destructive little critters.

I once had a 5-bloom amaryllis, too. I had to stake it to support it, and crowd other pots around it to keep it from tipping over from top-heaviness...

Pretty, pretty flower. The most blossoms I've had are three. Five us quite ambitious!

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