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The weekend goes by too quickly, especially this weekend, as there was much to do to catch up with myself from the crazy, busy week.  As a reward for a weekend of hard work, I picked up a couple of amaryllis, one red, one white, at least I hope they will be in the future.


Following in Teresa's footsteps seemed like the right thing to do. It's going to be awhile before there's much to see, but as the pots sit on the table in the sunny fiber/guest room, it will be fun to watch as they grow and blossom.

All weekend the skies were gray and gloomy, with nary a bit of blue peeking through. While the clouds would normally bother me, I was moving at the speed of light, packing as much as possible into a day, and I hardly had time to notice, to look up!  


However, each evening I took a bit of time to knit, to work on the "Utah (Blue) Skies" gloves.  The traveling stitches sometimes travel in the wrong direction, which means the only thing to do is tink back, but the gloves move forward, even though forward movement is slow at times. (The side facing away from the camera is the stockinette palm and thumb stitches.  Maybe I should have shown that side as it proves there is progress. Maybe next time.)

It's Monday, a long week looms, and it's going to be very cold for a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to that longest night and the (slow) return of the sun.


Oh, love love love the color of your Blue Skies gloves!

It's truly amazing just how fast time is flying these days! LOVE the blue colour, and even if you don't get to see your blue skies, at least you have this beautiful blue wool! Stay warm.

The gloves look so cozy! And any mistakes just give them personality. I tell myself that all the time. ;)

So pretty! They'll be perfect for when the dreaded inversion hits.

The color of the gloves is fantastic and I hope you make some great forward progress soon! We've got another warm few days ahead of us so it doesn't feel very Christmas-y here.

Amaryllis growing, gloves growing -- cool!

Busier and busier, faster and faster...

Your cold weather is headed my way -- everyone I talk to this morning feels the need to let me know how much colder it will be here at the end of the week!!

Thanks for the reminder about amaryllis. For several years, when my mother was in a nursing home, I bought her one or two for her room every Christmas. They would grow so fast and be so "showy" when they bloomed that it guaranteed that the nurses and aides would spend an extra minute or two talking with her about the plants. For a few years after she died, I could not bring myself to buy an amaryllis for me - too many memories. But I think I'm ready now.

LOVE the blue in those gloves - can't wait to see them when you've finished.

Sadly, it is the busy-busy season. I hope you're able to make some time for yourself, sweetie. If we don't stop to enjoy each day, they will pass us by without our noticing.


I love amaryllis. I need to treat myself to one. Love the blue glove. It looks like you're moving right along with it. And, I wouldn't know I was knitting if I wasn't tinking back every row or so;-P Hugs, dearheart. It's dark, dank and cold here and I'm watching my sky. We only have 16 more days before the nights get shorter!!!!

I love this post! Amaryllis! Blue! Knitting! Knitting blue! I'll have to photograph mine this week, I haven't been good at that. Don't over-water! ;)

Amaryllis are so wonderful this time of year! Their blooms are spectacular -- and really brighten up these (very) dark days. You know what else is wonderful? Those. Gloves.

Lovely blue in those mittens! It is a sky substitute for awhile, yes.

We have a red amaryllis blooming now. Let the darkness just try and take over!

I like those very much and hope they will be warming your hands soon! Enjoy the amaryllis... they are always so magical to me.

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