Garden Master
An Evaluation

Weekend Whirl

Picture is from early November

  • "Gathering" takes up most of our weekend
  • Shopping consists, almost completely, of food procurement
  • (We miss shopping our garden)
  • Many of our conversations revolve around "what's for dinner?"
  • We also bought a string of Christmas lights
  • The point of lighting the house is to make it a happy place come January
  • I dread January
  • The inversion has started, but the sun is filtered, not obliterated by gray
  • It may clear a little today
  • It's snowing (very lightly) this morning
  • Knitting and picture taking suffered this weekend 
  • And it's likely, no knitting (or picture taking) will happen this week
  • For two people who do little to celebrate The Season, we sure are busy
  • We bought Hanukkah candles
  • There will be plenty of light in our house through the rest of December
  • And into January
  • I'm counting on not dreading January. 
  • The amyrillis should be blooming by then
  • I may buy more flowers and more lights
  • Sushi for dinner last night helped save my Monday


Light. That's the ticket! I have been putting lights up everywhere in my house -- and I plan to keep them lit through the dark months. (You can always count on sushi to save the day!)


Probably can't have too many flowers or too much light... Clink!

Know what you mean about January, we used to live in the north of Scotland before here and January was so dark (apart from the 18" of snow!). But a good roaring log fire cures most ills, along with a wee dram occasionally and your knitting, and you'll get through!

Lights, flowers and good food DO help :^)

Food and light and flowers -- great ways to counteract the gray!


Light is the key to winter survival here in New England!

Planning for light in January is a smart idea. Yay for sushi!

Ah light! I too try to provide more light and color for my brain through the winter months. Beautiful photo.

I like to keep my Christmas tree up through January so it is still bright and festive. We actually came up with a plan involving net lights, the front porch and fun lake themed lights and outdoor baubles to keep our deck fun all year round. Now to implement it. :)

I'm trying to figure out how to stave off the darkness of January, too. Gotta find a way!! As for pictures? What are those? It's so dark all the time right now (until next week when the shortest day comes and goes, YAY) it's hard to get a good shot. Hugs, girl!!!

I keep telling you, that's why I ski! Cross country would do it, don't have to risk the crazy kids on the slopes. I'm hurting right now, waiting for the increased light exposure from light reflecting off snow. These next two weeks are the worst, and then it starts to get better.

We're going to Jamaica for a little bit of much-needed sun. BUT it has been a ridiculously mild fall here (not complaining!), and so it seems like it's "too soon" to take off for warmer climes. First-World problems, I know.

Sending you warm sunny thoughts, Margene!

The lack of daylight is killing us in the Northeast. We have all been so tired.

So my family isn't the only one who's weekend can revolve alot around food?

There was a weekend?! I totally missed it. How can you hate January when I have a birthday in that month? ;^)


Winter does seem a little more work each passing year. Let's try to cheer each other on.

i dread January as well, and literally cross each day off the calendar - this year i have vowed to bathe myself in light, and go in search of the sun - Happy Solstice -

Great photo! I add chocolate to my January light regimen - seem to work!

The Solstice can't come too soon for me... I loathe it when it's getting dark at 3:30 in the afternoon...

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