Look Up!


If I had enough presence, time, or interest (or you had enough interest) I post a daily picture and the growth would be very evident. It's been delightful to watch the amaryllis plants as they venture towards the light. The red amaryllis has decided to put up a second stalk, which is not as big, and has a very small bud, but it still growing in height and girth. This picture was taken Monday or Tuesday, but you should see them now!  I promise new pictures before the weekend is over. 

Happy New Year one and all!!


They do grow so fast, it's fun to watch. Happy New Year to you and Smith!

Every year I say I am going to get an amaryllis and every year I forget. I look forward to seeing yours bloom. :-)


I got one for a gift! I need to put it out and water it.....

I can't wait!! ; )

Happy New Year!

Watching flowers grow is more fun than watching paint dry...wink, wink, wink...heh. HNY!

I just planted my amaryllis yesterday, but I am looking forward to watching it grow during the l-o-n-g cold months ahead here in New England. Can't wait to see the blooms on yours.

Happy New Year!

Looks like you'll have pretty blooms soon!

Happy New Year's to you and Smith!

Happy New Year to you, Margene. Thanks for posting your amaryllis. I didn't have time to plant one this year, so it's a treat to watch yours grow and bloom.

I'm so excited!! Happy New Year to you, Smith and Moxie, dearheart!!!!

Mine did that second stalk thing too. It turned out to be just as tall, and with FOUR flowers instead of the original three. The flowers were just a titch smaller, but the four, oh dear.

Happy new year, to you and all of yours. (HI M!)

Woo Hoo!

Yours are way ahead of mine this year.

Happy New Year!

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