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The inversion started to break up early Wednesday morning. Seeing clouds, instead of the hazy gray of the last few weeks, was a novelty, a mood lifter.


By Thursday afternoon the sky had cleared completely and the day ended with a golden hue.  The inversion may build back again, but at least we had a break from the gloom and, while we may not have a white Christmas, it will be Merry.

May your Holidays be full of joy and light.


I'm so glad you have beautiful light for Christmas. Merry, merry to you and Smith!

Oh, Margene. Your sky and vistas are so beautiful. I'm so glad you got a break. May your holidays be joyful and restful. It is the season of light, after all;-D Hugs, Sweetie!!!!!!

Blue sky and mountains - how beautiful! Though there's a certain something about the lights against the dark background too :^) Merry Christmas!

Today there is more light than there was yesterday! Yay! :)

Happy holidays to you and Smith.

Yay!! Let there be light... a little more everyday!
(I love the lights on the fence.)

Wishing you and Smith the happiest of holidays.

What a lovely picture of your weather break- would be nice translated into colorwork and yarn!
Right back at you with warmest wishes for a lovely holiday season.

Thank goodness!

Happy Happy!

Happy holidays to you and the Mister.

Yahoo! Blue above is always a mood lifter!

Happy Holidays, Margene! (Sung to the tune of . . . BLUE Christmas!) XO

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