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To take advantage of Monday's blue sky, we took Moxie for a walk around Wheeler Farm, a community park near our home.  The pathways wind through a small bird sanctuary, which is where the robins live in winter. I must have seen 2 dozen fat robins and heard their sharp chirps as we walk past.


Despite the blue sky over head and the sunshine on the path, the air was cold and the shaded areas offered little warmth.  Ice forms on the small stream of water, as the creeks flow is slowed in winter.


Because the day was so chilly, few people ventured out and the grounds were quiet. We enjoyed the solitude and the muted sounds of a winter forest.


In a very strange happenstance, we came across two boys who were willing to pose while holding large boulders over their heads. It was all the more disconcerting as I'm in the middle of reading "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children".  If you've read the book you know what I mean.

Near the end of our walk, the quiet landscape was suddenly filled with a raucous cry of geese! Oh the noise! 

A multitude of geese live on an ice pond near the main building and we could hear their honks, and see them parade across the ice to greet someone (with bread!).  Moxie's yip is also featured in the clip, as well as my voice, as I alert Smith to why all the fuss. 


You are SO lucky to be able to visit with the birds!! I miss my robins come winter.

What a glorious day and a beautiful path. I'm so glad you could take advantage of it. And, little Moxie? I'll bet he slept like a baby;-P Three more days and then another 3 day weekend! YAY!!!

Beautiful! My daughter just finished reading that book and said that I must read it. :)

Wow - that is definitely one FAT robin!

Beautiful pictures!

There are actually a few geese that winter over in these parts, too! Did I spy swans there, too? It's been chilly, but I'll take that with the sunshine if that's the only way it comes.
; )

Hootie heard the racket on the clip and came bounding up to the computer with a question mark over her head :)

Sounds like a beautiful, peaceful walk! Lovely!!

We don't have many birds now - mostly starlings and chickadees.

Lovely postholiday outing! Are you sure those weren't fake rocks?

Those had to have been fake boulders! and I need to read that book :D
What a great place for a walk!

Wonderful outing - what a lovely place!

It's been so warm here that the birds haven't been at our feeder much. I miss them!

So that's where the robins and geese are spending the winter. Thanks for looking after them until they can return to us in Canada next spring.

What a wonderful outing!

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