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There maybe a knitter on your Christmas list, or maybe you feel that you need a treat for surviving this Holiday season (and you do!). I have a suggestion or two, just for you. Suzy and I did a little local shopping on Saturday.  We had a great lunch at a local favorite eatery, stopped by a lovely local book store and then went onto the a couple of LYSs. 


Blazing Needles had a copy of the much coveted Interweave "Accessories", which is full of many unique and fun patterns for hats, mitts, gloves, scarves and cowls. It's a very impressive grouping of patterns, included Utah Grrl Susan's, Two-Ribs Infinity Scarf.  My choice of yarn for this cozy project is Shepherd's Wool (Pewter).  Knitting the small stuff, instead of sweat(er)ing it, feels right to me.  I'm not ready for a big commitment.


Because Nancy Bush was signing her new book at Black Sheep Wool Co., we headed there next. The original edition of Folk Socks was responsible for kicking off my love of sock knitting and, in fact, it may have started the whole sock knitting craze. The new edition will do its part to keep sock knitting alive (and interesting!). I'm looking forward to revisiting some of my favorite patterns, as well as delving into the updated story of socks.                  


While we were in the the book store Suzy spied the small book pictured with Folk Socks and insisted I buy it. It's a beautifully illustrated copy of "A Child's Christmas in Wales" by Dylan Thomas. The story is rich with imagery of winter and Christmas, from a child's perspective, and pure joy to read. I found this video of Mr. Thomas' reading and,while it's not much to see, it's wonderful to hear!


It sounds like a lovely, relaxing shopping trip! :)

What a fun day out!

I can still taste those delicious Armenian pickles. xo

What a wonderful day that sounds like.

What a fun day. I adore Dylan Thomas and to hear him read his own story with a glorious Welsh accent. How divine. It's a shame he was such a wackjob. The pewter yarn will be beautiful.

Lovely story, but was that really Dylan Thomas? I didn't think he'd have such a BBC English accent. (Sorry, not a criticism, honest!!)

Thanks for sharing the Dylan Thomas link. It was wonderful.

Wonderful suggestions!! And what a great day you had!

How lucky for you to have been able to see Nancy Bush and that little book by Dylan Thomas is precious!

What fun! I'm glad you got to go out and do some yarn trawling before the holidays.

Isn't that little book wonderful? My dad got me a copy a few years ago and I loved it.

Margene! We are TWINS! I have that Accessory magazine, that SAME YARN in brown, AND that EXACT SAME Child's Christmas in Wales!

Possibly only fraternal twins, as I don't have the updated Folk Socks.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and be well!

Nice day! Good preholiday pick me up.

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