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Smith not only received his Master Gardener certificate, he also received a special certificate of appreciation for his many hours of volunteer work. He was humbled, amazed and very happy to be acknowledged. 

What plants are you sowing in your spring garden?



I'm going to bring Smith a Certificate of Appreciation 'cause he's so great -- oh, along with a Expert of BBQing...he's da best! Also, maybe Super Bartender ribbon :)

...that'd be "an" Expert...(muttering as she leaves the stage)

Congrats to Smith - I know that's a lot of work! Our spring garden is still To Be Determined (TBD).

Yay, Smith! Congratulations!! (I agree with all of Suzy's commendations, as well!)
; )

Bravo to Smith!

HUGE congrats to Smith. I have a friend who just completed the Master Gardener courses at the Missouri Botanical Garden. She said it's really tough, but so cool.

Bless his green-thumbed little heart! That is a great accomplishment.


Our cold frame will eventually have all sorts of greens like lettuce and chard, plus radishes and scallions.In Kansas, we will probably plant that in March. Can't wait.

Hooray for Smith! I love that man! The only plans I am making are to join our CSA again.

Congrats to the Master!

We all bow to the Master! Congrats Smith!

That's so awesome -- congratulations Smith!!!

Congratulations, Master Gardner is no easy feat!

Congrats, Smith!

Oh congrats to Smith!!! That's so cool!

Kudos to Smith! Congratulations!

Congratulations, Smith! Master Gardener Extraordinaire! :-)

Woo Hoo! Well done!

Congratulations, Smith!!! Well done!

All hail der GartenMeister!!! (doing the wave in Btown, can you see it?) wahoo! ahem. you may quote me.

That is great! I'm planting quinoa, which would grow well for you too... let me know if you need seeds.

Hearty congratulations, Smith!

No garden here - our lawn is the only one that doesn't have a swimming pool on the lakeshore. Therefore, we are THE gathering place for the mallards, the goose, the blue heron, and the egret. I choose not to plant a garden to feed them.


CONGRATULATIONS! Pretty amazing accomplishment that started out as a hobby and some good food.

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