An Evaluation
Blue is Best


The weather has deemed to give us neutrals, with a sky in shades of gray, flurries of white flakes from cloud seeding on the ground, trees in black shadow.  After weeks of gray, perhaps only a little filtered sun, my mood has started to turn dark.  Is this the new normal?  Will this be the way the whole winter goes? 

There is hope on the horizon...if you GO up.


Blech. We are having a few slightly sunny days now and again, but it sure doesn't feel like Christmas is almost here... Last year we had two feet of snow on the ground. This year? Nada.

I'm hoping that you get relief soon. The cold is endurable only if you have some sun or snow. Hang on, Sweetie. There is something quite beautiful in your picture and the shortest day is this week and then we can begin our climb out!!!!!!!

Paint your world blue! Add some other colors! Bright things all around.

Turn on the lights, Margene. It's the only way to survive these dark, dreary days.

What Kym said. It's better if they're full spectrum lights, and even better is a light box. You also might try 5-HTP - it's more effective in women than St. John's Wort (which works for men...). We've had a different sort of dreary - no rain. For Way. Too. Long. There's very little snow pack, and with the high pressure parked off the coast, no precip in sight. Maybe we'll make it up in January and February, or maybe we won't - in which case next summer is going to be a killer...

You could turn that photo into a colorway with just a little zinger of color :^)

Here I am In Australia....ah supposedly in the middle of Summer...and it is looking very much like your place!! Rain, rain, clouds dark and gloomy! Ah ... but that means I still feel like knitting!! Normally it would just be too damn hot!!I'm taking advantage of it while I can!!

Light the menorah, light the windows, do whatever it takes but get yourself some light!

Yes....lots of lights! I keep my Christmas lights up long after we put the decorations away. The lights warm up the house and brighten the night. :-)

make sure to spend some of the daylight hours outdoors. even in the grey. you need some natural light. it always makes me feel better!

It's a gorgeous photograph. If a day has to be gray, I prefer it to be SHADES of gray rather than just BLEH. I'm going to an early winter solstice party tonight... things will begin to change!!

It must be a national forecast! It's grey in the UP of Michigan today too. Thankfully it is very mild and not windy, so it's more like a gloomy fall day than December weather. I do like a bit of sun, though. I'm taking all that advice above and turning on the lights and lighting the candles.

How do I send you some of our annoying sunshine? I wish we could trade weather. A nice even gray would be lovely right now. Hang in there, sweetie. That crap has to fade or blow away sooner or later.

SAD lights. Ski? Okay, not so much. Knit a screaming color. Know that after Thursday, the light gets longer.

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