Blue is Best

Sunday, just after we left the grocery store, and in the midst of our errand running, we decided the only way to survive the dreariness was to abandon our to-do list and get out of the gray.  The canyon is nearby and, in short time we are winding our way through the gray, watching as the mist lifted.


A shout of delight filled the car as we rounded a curve to see the sun across the road.  We were out of the inversion in just a couple of miles, the blue skies above us once again.


Few storms have broken through since Thanksgiving and the mountain resorts are desperately in need of snow. While the temperature inside the inversion hovers near freezing, above it is closer to 40.


The pure white of snow, the deep cobalt of sky, the golden rays of sun...nothing more is needed to lift the heart and clear the mind. My, how good the sun rays feel on the skin.

The blue and warmth of the day will be enough to carry me through until the sun returns to the valley.  The weatherpeoples have predicted a sunny Christmas Day!  Keep hope alive!


Here in Northern Virginia we are keeping our fingers crossed for a cold, snowy White Christmas!! It will probably be 60 degrees and sunny.....'s hoping.


I will keep hope alive for you. That scenery should well lift anyone's spirits. Gorgeous. I was hoping after the torrential rains of the early fall that you had, that snow would follow. It appears I know even less about your weather than mine;-P Hugs, dearheart!!

I can well understand how seeing that brilliant sun and snow combo would cheer your heart. Hold that thought, Margene! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Wow it looks great up there. I may have to do the same thing!

Oh, beautiful!

I'm reminded of when we lived on the coast of Oregon... we could be socked in (wet, dark, dreary, gray) for weeks on end, but just a few miles -- literally, a few! -- inland it would be all sunshine and happiness! It could be so depressing, there were many days I didn't mind having to go to work.


Wow! Just lovely! What a beautiful lift!

Keep heart, that mountain snow will come eventually. It's been grey and dreary here, with lots of fog and a few inversions, too. It will change soon enough, I think. Love seeing those blue skies!

There is nothing like the blue of your sky, Margene. Thanks for going UP and taking photos for us.

good for you! that's what I always did when it got bad :)

Oh, those skies are STUNNING!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

How beautiful!

We're so lucky to have an option. Hannah and I spent Saturday in Park City.

I had no idea that blue was so close!

My favorite shade of blue: cobalt. Simply beautiful photos Margene!

So beautiful!! Here's hoping your holiday is filled with light, sun, and color!

Sounds - and looks - like an excellent change of plans!

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