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My Heart is Bursting


If I don't blog today, there won't be any post until next week.  Thankfully I have a four day weekend and only need to slog through two more days of work.  Busy, crazy work.

Roasting the sunflower seeds turned out to be quite easy. We followed the recipe on The National Sunflower Association's website and the seeds turned out to be very crunchy and tasty, plus the whole process was very easy.


Knitting has been sporadic and often only accomplished whilst chatting. I am thankful I have any time at all to knit, thankful for friends who love to knit and chant, and thankful I can knit warm coverings for my hands.  The gloves, the blue handspun gloves, grow slowly but they are growing.  My main distraction is the mitt.  One down, one about half way done.  There can never be too many mitts in the cupboard.

The weather had been gray for days. First it snowed, then it rained, but over the last several days it has just been gray and more gray.  The view comes as goes, as the mountains play hide and seek behind the clouds. 

However, my friends, things could be so much worse.  Instead of bemoaning the weather, the ever changing weather, I should be giving thanks for every day I have, for every breath I take. And I am!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my dear friends.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, Margene! I am so thankful for your friendship. (I am also taking your advice and knitting up some warm coverings for my own hands. Thanks for that nudge!)

Good to count your blessings! I love the rugged mitt photographed against the stones. Happy Thanksgiving to you both:)

Thappy Hanksgiving ;)

It's grey here, too. *sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friend! So glad to have you and Smith in my life.

I hope you'll get a breather over your long weekend. I tell myself I'm lucky to be busy, and there are blessings in everything!

I'm very thankful, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Margene & Smith!!

I hope you enjoy your 4 day weekend and gets lots of time for knitting, relaxing, eating and snuggling with Smith. I love you both! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Smith!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lovely mitt! Enjoy your time away, sweetie. Hopefully, there will be some sun in there somewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving Margene and Smith too! Enjoy your time off and know that there are many of us out here who are grateful for the time you spend with us! (((hugs)))

I am thankful you are here, sharing your knitting, and your place in the blogosphere. Have a wonderful holiday! Send hugs to Smith for us.

It's been gray & gloomy here in IL too...looks like November. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy the long weekend! More time for kniting ;^)

And, to you, my friend, the happiest of days. We both have so many blessings. Love the mitt! I am having more trouble every day with the cold. Must knit more and faster;-P

Yes....I love the changing weather...as long as it changes and doesn't stay dreary for too long. Your mitts are going to be so pretty!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Mahgeene! I hope you have wonderful gluten-free pie!

I used to harvest sunflower seeds, but now the critters get to them before I do. I guess overall I don't mind, especially when it's the small birds. But the squirrels make me PISSED! I really miss my lovely, healthy seeds in my own tummy!

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