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The weather was ever changable throughout the weekend.  The sky had a great time showing off its different colors and all the types clouds, it could produce. The clouds played peek-a-boo with the mountains, but Friday into Saturday they were productive and dropped various amounts of snow around the valley.  The few wet inches in our area melted away quite quickly.  It was cold, that much stayed the same all weekend long.


The change in time doesn't bother me, but this weekend I pretty much kicked back, relaxed, and didn't spend much time looking at the clock.  In fact, I took Monday off and we took a trip to Silver Fork to breakfast with Cheryl and her hubby. The sky changed constantly while we were there and the forest looked beautiful with its new dusting of white.


Shh..don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly hoping for a little snow...but then it can melt again too.
Sounds like a fun long weekend! pretty! Those pictures are the reason why I enjoy our winters here. Lovely!

Wow, that is just beautiful!

Awwwwwww............sure looks like knitting weather to me lol! It's warm and sunny here, warmer than usual for this time of year but my fingers are itching to start a sweater! Beautiful pictures Margene!

There is such beauty in all seasons! Change is in the air, certainly. So glad you had a nice, relaxing day off.

Love the top photo where it goes from deep blue to white. Breakfast was fabulous! I'm glad you waited for us.

Sounds like you are living right, Margene!

Sounds absolutely lovely, girl. And, just what you needed, I bet!!

Oh,,, your mountain sure looks nice with its new white cape! :)

Hurry...schedule another day off!

Good for you for taking Monday off! Do you get Friday off, too, for Veteran's Day?

Oooh, very pretty -- love that first photo!
Mmmm, Silver Fork.
; )

I heard y'all had gotten some snow. I'm so glad you got to enjoy it.

Perfect way to live the day! I can't believe there is that much falling already. I guess it really is winter.

Pretty, and good for skiers!

We still have snow on our lawn. Not sure how I feel about that, but there you go.

Ah, I always appreciate snow more at the beginning of the season...

The sudden drop in temp was harder than the time change! Did you start the Sky Scarf? You certainly have grand inspiration.

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