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Trying to fit in time for a post is proving difficult this week, but I didn't want too much time to go by without checking in.  Knitting time has been as hit and miss, as is posting to blog time, but if my friends can post daily, I can at least try to post several times a week.  I'm very happy not to have another daily obligation.

Different Lines is moving toward the end, but the border is plain and wide, with long rows of garter.  It's great knitting when I'm distracted by chat, or a movie, but otherwise it gets quite tedious. Despite's the process, it is growing. I have no pictures, but to distract you from lack of progress pictures, how about one of Kim's Woolen Rabbit yarn club?

The yarn is a lovely MCN yarn called Kashmir Sock and it has the very fabulous, and appropriate, name of Pumpkin Head!  The yarn content, its color and its name all give me a thrill.  Ideas for a project are marinating and, in the meantime, I'm naming this autumn red-orange color as THE color of 2011!  The "treat" was a mini-bottle of New Hampshire maple syrup, which was very yummy on the pancakes Smith made over the weekend.


Merike's Glove also is growing slowly (my knitting life), as I go forward a row or two and back three. The joy is knit with Joan's fabulous handspun.  While the pattern keeps me on my toes, the yarn makes my heart sing, with gorgeous sky blue color flecked with bits of pink.  I could not love the soft and cushy texture more. 


I love this month's package from Kim, too! It's nice to have you posting more often, I hope it's not too much of a chore.

Pumpkin Head - how cute and appropriate! Progress -- fast or slow -- is progress.
; )

I love that glove pattern and that blue yarn. What a wonderful combination!

Gloves! Love you!

My My My. That is one gorgeous pumpkin color! And, knitting time? It is a luxury, but then, we enjoy it so much!!! Happy Hump Day, grrl!!!

Such gorgeous yarns! I would WANT to make the projects take a long time, just to savor them. :)

Ohhhh,,, those yarns look so very lovely and your growing mitt too.

The MCN is my favorite yarn these days and the resulting garments are so nice and warm.

Pumpkin Head is a perfect name - and what a great shade for this season. :)

What a lovely toasty warm color!

Dig the gloves.

Such lovely projects. I'm loving that autumn red-orange color. Just gorgeous!

I made the same commitment to post a bit more frequently, but I didn't burden myself with the promise to post daily.

I made those gloves once and really love them...maybe I will make them again this year. I am just not a fan of making fingers...LOL!


gorgeous pumpkin head! i luv it!

I think I am starting to get that kind of orange. (Kim echoes me on the fingers-haha!)

Oh, I am so tempted to start some Merike's Gloves!

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