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As the landscape shows, November is a very good moth for PS Neutral Black/White/Gray. Storm Mountain is appropriately named, as the clouds gather around its craggy surface where snow snuggles in for the winter.

Clouds of varying shades of gray tone down the landscape, as the pure white snow does its best to heightens the contrast of dark and light. As Kim responded in an email exchange about the neutrals of her landscape, this lack of contrast gets old quite quickly.

It takes every ounce of zen I can muster to get myself through the darkest days of winter, especially if the sky stays gray for long periods of time. But, let's not thing about that for now.  Let's hope there are blue skies ahead, even if the landscape is mostly white.


Right now, those neutrals look soothing and peaceful; beautiful in a quiet way. But I totally get how "old" those neutrals become. Really fast, actually. Keep those bright, colorful yarns at hand, Margene, to add a POP to the dreary days to come.

That pumpkin yarn complements your current scenery, yet is so very colorful. It's hard to keep the sunshine in your heart when everything around is grey. We're having the in-betweens. It's 29 right now, but the sun is shining. I'll take it. Have a wonderful weekend, dearheart!!

I had no sooner commented about how dreary it was here with all the leaves down, than we make a trip to Green Bay where all the bright yellow maples still had their leaves. How bright and pretty that was. But I get tired of the grey, brown, white decor pretty fast, too. Hang in there!

Wonderful neutrals! I think I miss the light and warmth of the sun more than the color in the landscape. Knitting with bright yarn is a good idea, as well as spending time with out most colorful, fun friends.

I agree with Birdsong -- it's the light and warmth I miss in nature most of all during winter, but mostly the light. I love the seasons and that there's always something to look forward to. I can color my own world! Happy weekend, friends!!

Wow -is that top photo the one you took out the car window? It came out fabulous - I love it! It really captured what it looked like.

Your photos look lovely to me and not depressing at all. Just concentrate on positive things and bright yarns and the winter will be gone before you know it,,,

It's grey and dark but your photos are beautiful.

I love that copper kanji in the last picture!

Outside my classroom window is a small maple in full color. I am savoring it! Your shots are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Such beautiful photos. Thank you, my friend.

Without the pale gray winter days, we would never realize just how amazing the bright colorful spring and summer days are.


I embrace even the summer hots and humids. I look past the weather, and remember that I am here and kicking.

That first picture in the post really is remarkable. Very atmospheric.

These pictures bring quiet and calm to me. Thank you, Margene. xo

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