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Overcast with 60%


The sky has been quite amazing this past week and showed off in its various forms and colors. One day it's clear, the next there is a mix of clouds. The sunsets and sunrises have been laced with shades of pink, salmon and gold, very awe-inspiring and stunning. Sorry no pictures, I just gape at the beauty of nature.

Today the rainy snowy days of autumn-into-winter return. Leaves still hang on the branches and the earth has not given up its warm, but they know, we know, the shift is happening. It is a knitters time of year, as hands, needles and yarn work together to create warmth.

Plans for Thanksgiving begin in earnest this weekend and, for the first time in years, we're alone. Smith is planning to grill half a turkey and we'll have squash, potatoes, onions, and perhaps, beets from our garden. Since there is little green left from our summer venture, we'll shop for Brussels sprouts or asparagus. That's it, we're keeping it simple, if such a term can be used for all that food.


The last couple of weeks we've been winnowing the chaff from our two sunflower caps. Research says they need to be soaked overnight and roasted the next day. Plans are to start tonight, or Saturday night and, how nice for me, they're a perfect color for this months Project Spectrum.


Lovely photos and plans too :)

Wishing you and Smith a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds delicious.

Beautiful -- both of your photos today are perfect (for PS and otherwise). Have a great weekend!

So pretty. I love that you're living off the land as best as anyone of us city-dwellers can. The skies are so gorgeous through the crisp clean autumnal air. Now, we head into the dregs of winter and I'm working so hard on not letting it bother me this year!!!!! Happy Friday, girl!

What gorgeous photos! Love the wet stones ... and the sunflower seeds, too. I'm eager to hear more about your seed-roasting. I've never tried it, but always been interested. (And your Thanksgiving sounds ideal! Beets! Oh, how I love 'em.)

The first picture is so cool!

I can't even remember when we had precipitation. None this month yet.

Lovely photos today, Margene. I think your quiet Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. We are doing something quite similar tonight.

We do the holiday quietly as well, though sans the bird. A nice pot of root veggie soup, holiday music, and a jigsaw puzzle. Can't wait!

Woo Hoo!

Sounds like a lovely holiday feast. Those sunflower seeds are pretty, great photo of them.

sounds so good - i have this wonderful pancetta and brussel sprout recipe - saute some pancetta (bacon will also do) - and then shred your brussel sprouts (like slaw) toss in some RPF (red pepper flakes) and and walla they are done -

you are both welcome at my house - we are having a hoard - or perphaps i can come over to yours

Happy tday

Love the photo of the sunflower seeds! (The birds and mice got all of ours...)

Lovely photos!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Margene and Smith too :)). Enjoy your time off and remember that there are alot of us out here that are thankful for you and this blog! (((hugs)))

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