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The area around my knitting chair was a mess of magazines, books, yarn, patterns, stitch markers (strewn on and under every surface), and all sorts of other necessary tools of the trade. The pile of aspirational clutter* had grown to the point I could not stack one more thing on top and could not function well with the physical, and mental, clutter.

The books, patterns and magazines were sandwiched in layers like a napoleon, an unappetizing napoleon, at that. The various yarns were entwined betwixt and between the layers, tangled with needles, swatches, and false starts. I do not even want to mention the dust. It was almost like powdered sugar sifted throughout the year old concoction. But, the worst part was the big black eye of a sweater, a sweater abandon near completion because I got into a ‘mood’.

I know you expect a picture here, but I never thought about taking a picture of that mess.

The abandonment of said sweater wasn't my finest moment, as far as knitting is concerned. The first problem was knitting the ribbed hem with a needle size too large, which was very apparent when I tried it on. This was not the only problem. Suddenly, "that mood" struck; the anger, the self loathing, the mad at the knitting, tantrum type mood, the black mood…to wit, the sweater was thrown, in disdain, on the top of THE pile. However, every day the sweater haunted me.


A month or so later, the pile of crap got to me. I walked into the room and knew it was time to buck up and deal with it all. The magazines were filed or tossed, the books put on the knitting book shelf, and the yarns untangled, sorted and stored in the proper place. The sweater stared, maybe even glared at me, and I at it. The impasse would only end if I tried it on again and figured out what to do. Sometime you just need to pull up your boots and walk into the muck, and I did.

Hey! The sweater didn't look as bad as I thought! It only needed the ribbed hem reknit and the neckline finished. How hard could it be? I'm still not thrilled with some of my modifications (re: errors) and the weight of the sweater is still a factor. Overall, it may be the main reason I'm not thrilled, but I'm still going to finish the bugger and move on. 

*I did not coin this term, but I read it a long time ago I do not remember where.


Love the term - it so fits! With cats in the house, I don't leave yarn or knitting out too much, but the paper piles are another matter ;^) Love the blue!

Yay! Fix that bad boy.

I know whereof you speak...have my own aspiration clutter piles (yes, more than one). Wonder if I'll get bitten by the bug to straighten things out over Thanksgiving when I might have a little time.

The color (and yarn) in your sweater looks lovely! If you decide you just can't wear it and don't want to frog, there's a group on Rav (Warm Hats, Warm Hearts) knitting woolens for those in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York who lost everything in Hurricane Irene. Sweaters are welcome!

I am frequently a "victim" of aspirational clutter! (Love that term.) I hate it when those sweaters stare/glare at you like that. Fix it up, Margene. Maybe it end better than you think.

I know what you mean about the clutter - one day it just smacks you in the face and you can't stand it anymore. I bet the sweater will be better than you think. Good for you for tackling it.

Good for you. I also understand the issue with clutter, in the process of scanning old photos, and it's proving to be a slow process.
What beautiful blues!

I too love "aspirational clutter". Kudos to whoever coined such a useful term for a mess. I have a vest which is all knit, and somehow I can't get to the sewing up.

I don't usually get stalled that badly, but I'm blaming "Christmas presents" for the hold up.

Wow!! That's my grrl!!!! Takin' names and kickin' *ss!!!!! Still love the blue and if it's heavy, then it's perfect for walking on a cold cold day. Right?

"Books put on the knitting book shelf"..... Shelf? Singular? Only one??? How long is this 'shelf' ? Love those blues!

It was so satisfying to take some time yesterday, while the cleaning lady cleaned, to deal with my pile(s) of aspirational clutter, as well! It'll feel good to finish that sweater. Go you!

That is a great term! I'm glad the decluttering had multiple positive impacts. :)

Good for you!

Sounds like the chair I am sitting in now.


Grrl, take charge of that sweater.

Well done! Just forget all the not quite perfect aspects of the sweater and focus on the one thing that is perfect: the colour!

I love your bugger attitude, good luck!

OMG - I am still laughing at the "aspirational clutter". Wish you could see my desk or at least what appears to be a desk. Lord knows I cannot actually SEE the top of it.

I am making D build me another work table on his holiday break this year.

Sometimes we are just too darn hard on ourselves. Knit on, my friend!

Words to live by: "Sometime you just need to pull up your boots and walk into the muck" Thanks, Margene!

My goodness! Reading your post made me feel so much better about my own table with it's assortment of needles, patterns, yarn, swatches, etc., and the ottoman in front of it stacked with knitting books and magazines, and the floor around that with various knitting bags holding an assortment of projects. Then I read the comments. I'm a completely normal knitter! What relief! lol Thanks for sharing!

My own pile of clutter is driving me nuts! I really enjoyed this post.

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