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I Didn't Mean It

Truly, I didn't mean to be gone so long!  It's been tough enough to keep up with work, with daily life, neither of which hasn't left much extra time for blogging, etc.  Leisure time has been  sparse and I'm looking for a little slow down so I can blog, read blogs, and check my email!

That isn't to say I haven't been knitting at all.  I have!  A little.


The pink yarn is Vicki's "Virginia" and the contrast is a Schaeffer Anne that's been residing in the stash.  They married well. Different Lines is such an easy shawl to pick up and knit no matter what's going on around me.  The simple garter stitch is relaxing and short rows are entertaining. Each section grows wider along one side of the shawl, as the shorts rows build and increase. This is interesting and captivating knitting.


The weekend was beautiful and I hate to admit it while so many friends are without power in the north east.  But, the gray is settling in today and I hear the snow and cold are on the doorstep.

This month I'm all about relaxation so there will be no blogging on a daily basis.  I'll blog when I can, but hope to be make it more than once a week!


Nice stripes! And you know how I feel about your mountains.

Love the stripes. Wow, Nov 1 already.

Yay! I started another Different Lines the other day but had to frog it so I could re-dye the yarn.

Your gorgeous sky photo made me turn around and look out the window to see what mine is doing (finally getting light) and it's lovely! No mountains, but still lovely. Thanks! ; )

Isn't it great to have a project you can pick up and put down, as needed, during hectic times? I love your Different Lines -- the colors look great together. So hard to believe it's already November 1. . .

Oh, that shawl is going to be stunning! Sorry to hear the grey is on its way. :(

Whenever. Relaxation is the key here. That shawl is so cool. The cold/gray is headed your way and we're in sunny/warmish right now, but the cold/gray will be on our doorstep soon enough. I think I need the cold/gray to slow me down a bit, but it'll get here. I hope everyone back east gets power, and sooner than later. That is miserable and dangerous.

What a pretty color for that shawl!

Lovely shawl, and what a wonderful view :^)

Pretty lines you are building there and the mountain is as stunning as always.

Have a nice relaxation and don't worry about blogging :)

Very pretty lines. I do love that Schaeffer Anne.

So... I should call you when I have news rather than email? ;^)


I understand being away from the blog longer than one had intended.

That is sure to be a pretty Different Lines.

I'm glad you had a beautiful weekend, and am wishing you many more.


I am gladto hear you have been soaking up the last of the nice side of fall! The new shawl looks lovely, but the mountain view is divine.

Different Lines is very pretty. Hope you have a wonderful rest.

It's always nice to have a really simple knit at hand and with those colours knitting will be a real joy. Enjoy your month of relaxation.

Such wonderful colors on your new shawl. Those are the colors I gravitate to often. Thank you for sharing your spectacular view.

Happy relaxation month!

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