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It's been quite awhile since I've purchased a knitting book, but two books caught my fancy. The Knitters Book of Socks by Clara Parks has to be one of the most definitive books ever written about sock knitting. This book is worth your while if you're interesting in fingering/sock yarns, in general, and very worth your while if you call yourself a sock knitter.  You will learn something new about socks, technique, and yarn...guaranteed.

The other book to catch my eye is Coastal Knits, a "collaboration between friends on opposite shores", Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig. The hats and shawls have started filling my queue, and the glorious sweater designs have me dreaming of sweater knitting again. Speaking of collaborations, The Charles Collection, the brain child by Elinor Brown, Amy Herzog, and Kirsten Kapur is just as lovely, and the hats, mittens, shawls, and sweaters have me all a twitter.  I see something from this collection in my very near future.

But, in the meantime, I'm knitting GLOVES! Instead of going for another sock, I decided my hands were in need of something other than mittens. Winter is upon us. In the picture, the book in the middle is my long time copy of Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush.  I'm knitting Merike's gloves with Joan's glorious Utah Sky handspun.


I tend to buy all my patterns online and haven't added a new knitting book to my collection in quite some time. Still, there's nothing like a book of patterns in your hands, turning those pages and dreaming of projects!

I just received The Knitters Book of Socks in the mail yesterday! So excited to sit down with it this weekend! Coastal Knits will be next to arrive! Happy knitting!

I love Clara Parks' books! Thanks for posting about this new one. I hadn't heard about it yet and will definitely be adding it to my collection.

Hm. I see a new book or two in my future.
Gloves!! I'll have to look up that pattern. Pretty blue...
Happy Weekend!

i'm such a book whore. i rarely knit anything from them, but the photos are so pretty.

Yay Gloves! I think I need more.
Out of Joan's handspun? What could be nicer? It does look like our beautiful blue sky.

I haven't knit gloves in awhile - I have some mittens that I made from one of my ewes' fleece that are toasty!! I might make some "glittens" - mittens with a separate index finger for usability doing chores.

We have snow around us on the heights - it may snow here today, but just a dusting...

Say goodbye to Fall!

Gloves... have too many fingers for me to knit them. :)

Oh, that sock book looks very cool!

I, too, am drawn to many of the designs in the Charles Collection. All the items are beautiful and wearable!

If you are interested in glove knitting, you should check out the work of the Rainey Sisters. Their blog is at
and they have recently come out with two unique and beautiful glove patterns with more to come. (See entry for 10/21) And if you buy any pattern, you get a 10 page guide which provides detailed information on how to get a perfect, custom fit. Gloves are beyond my knitting skills, but the patterns and glove guide look like good purchases for anyone who does knit gloves.

You are so smart! I do not need another book, but will keep the sock knitting book in mind. I cannot wait to see the Utah Sky colors. Bet they're gorgeous. Have a great weekend!!!

I have not looked at Clara's sock book yet, but I have already knit 2 patterns from Coastal Knits- love this book! (and I haven't posted them to Rav yet- of course)
Whatcha going to make first Margene?

What a gorgeous blue! It looks just like your lovely Utah sky. I can't wait to see your gloves! I'd like to try a pair for myself someday.

I was thinking about knitting gloves this morning. It's getting cold out there! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, my friend.


I have Clara's other two books and love them! That Coastal Knits book is beautiful too... did you know they self-published?

Gloves! All those tiny fingers... good for you!

I will look up the sock book -- intriguing. I too am knitting gloves this year instead of socks. We'll see how many I can churn out!

P.S. The yarn link was dangerous. Goodness!

Mmmm, believe it or not, I want to do some gloves, too -- Fair Isle gloves, even! We'll see if I actually go through with it.

I love fingering-weight gloves .... as mitten liners. :D

Even though I am rarely knitting socks, I am interested in that book. I really love her previous book, The Knitter's Book of Wool, and think I would probably enjoy her other books, too.

Oooh! I have admired the Merike's Gloves pattern so many times. I think I even tried to spin for them. I wonder if I ever checked the yardage on that yarn and if I have enough for the gloves...hmmmm....


I bought the Coastal Knits book too and I never buy books any longer. It's wonderful!

Maybe I will give loves another try someday soon. :-)

I've not knit gloves. Perhaps I should think about that for my after Christmas knitting.

Gloves make sense. (I am not patient enough for fingers.) Looking at Coastal Knits and planning out potential patterns,too.

Aah, books... my weakness! I did like Coastal Knits, for the concept and the designs. Luckily, one of my Knit Night grrls bought it so that I can share. There's always more inspiration than time.

I keep thinking about gloves...perhaps I shall follow your lead.

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