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If it's the end of November, which means Vicki was here two months ago! How can that be true!?  Two months? Alta Retreat seems so long ago, but also like it was yesterday. Memories of autumn colors, the relaxing weekend, and the visit of a friend, are beginning to fade into the hubbub of life. It's hard to believe we're in the midst of the Holiday season and approaching a new year, a New Year, Christmas. Wow, just WOW!

Vicki was very focused on her Different Lines shawl whilst knitting during the Knitters Retreat. Because of dedication and focus she finished the shawl and we were able to fit in a photo shoot before she left.  This is old news, I know and you've seen the picture of her beautiful shawl before, but this is a day I love to relive.

It can't be that long ago, can it? In any case, Vicki gave me one of her beautifully dyed skiens of "Virginia", a lovely soft pink she named for her grandmother.  Inspired by Vicki's Different Lines, a shawl I had been unsure I would like or wear until I saw how lovely hers was, I started one of my own with her beautiful yarn.

The pattern was just as much fun to knit as Stripe Study, but different enough not to be redundant. It was pure entertainment.  The short rows are quite amazing as they create a wide end and a short end to the stripes. Veera, the designer, has an eye for the elegance of asymmetry.



Simple techniques and stitches can create quite an impact when used in creative, unique ways.  The shawl is light and airy, the fabric created with light fingering and a slightly larger needle.  Ravelry details here.


This shawl is very dear to me, as it's made with the gift of hand-dyed yarn. It's a treasured hug from a dear friend.  Thank you, Vicki!


Oh, Margene, it is BEAUTIFUL!! I love that our shawls are similar but not the same -- my pink is lighter and brighter, yours is a wee bit duskier. I am thankful for the memories, and I think of you and that wonderful Alta retreat every time I wrap up in Different Lines -- finishing it there, washing and blocking it at your house, that fantastic day in the mountains. Thank you!!

This shawl is very cool. How fun to have matching ones too!

Totally gorgeous!

Two months? Already?

Your shawl is lovely!

It still worries me that Silver Lake is tilting like that, though. All the water is going to run out.

Oh, it's gorgeous! And I love that last picture of you. :)

Great pictures of you both!


That's beautiful! Love the colors. And what a nice memory for you!

So beautiful! (You and the shawl.) What a great symbol of all that knitting - and friendship - means! Enjoy every moment of wearing that gorgeous shawl.

That shawl rocks and looks great on you, too. I do love asymmetry. And, the picture. When I first saw it, I thought, srsly? It's still warm??????? Thankfully, I can read and did. It was 23 here this morning. brrrrrr. And btw, I do love the ipod wire hanging out of your pocket;-P

That is so awesome! The colors, the photos, the memory of Vicki!

I love that last photo best! Beautiful colors to cheer you through winter.


Love the shawl it is beautiful.

Love how you combined the pretty pink with a variagated yarn to give it something unique. And you look pretty cozy with that nestled around your neck. A gal needs that this time of year!

It's wonderful! Such a good color for you... and I love the hair! Is that a slightly new style? Fab!

So it is wearable? It is so pretty on you. Good color!

I love that!

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