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It's crazy busy.  I could say more about that, but it would end up being a riff complaining about not enough time to do everything I want to do...or enough energy.  Life is full of "to do"s and so full of great's hard to get to everything. Everything, whether good or bad, takes time, time, time.  Holy shi-te. 


Anyway, Sunday was our last totally beautiful day and it was only half a day of warmth and sun. But, who's complaining. We're not covered in 20 feet of snow and we've not had a totally socked in inversion. I'm counting my blessings when it comes to the weather.

As of today, the Ennea Collective and the Twist Collective have published new editions.  My desire to knit faster has ramped up into warp speed.  Oh grrl, if only!  I'm still planning to knit Beacon Hill from the BHK Cooperative next.  I love the yarn, love the pattern.  But, the good news is I have a long queue of sweaters I love, love, love and want to knit, knit, knit!  Not enough time, doncha know? 


Instead, because I'm still slogging along on, but very close to finishing, the edge of my Different Lines, I'm knitting mitts.  It's cold around here, and imo, a grrl can't have too many mitts. Yes, I'm making another pair of Ragtops in MadTosh DK.  I love this yarn, I yearn for the yarn.  They're a nice diversion, as if I needed one.  Knit on!


I hear you on the busy! I've been wearing my Ragtops -- they're perfect for right now.

Great looking mitts. I haven't looked at Twist Collective but it will be a treat for my afternoon today.

Sort of liking everything in Twist. Oh, and must finish my languishing Ragtops.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Ditto, what Chris said;-D I so agree about the wanting to knit faster, but then I'm conflicted about the process so I try to relax into the knitting, but I wanna knit a cardi and mittens and finish this and that!!!! Oh, yeah. It's the process;-D

As a wise friend told me recently:
Do what you like, like what you do!! :)

Time to get my own Ragtops going! (If only I weren't such a slipper-knitting factory these days.) The new Twist Collective has got me wishing for more knitting-hours in each day, too!

Lovely yarn! Does that mean you're done with the gloves? ;^)

I can sing harmony on the not-enough-time! And every day I seem to find something else I want to do, so the list keeps getting longer and longer...

I completely understand and sympathize with the Busy. Drivin' me nuts, I tell ya ;^)
I've checked out Twist and saw a couple of things I liked, will now go check out Ennea!
I hear you on the mitts, they always come in handy. hee.

You said it. Oh, time!

Time, time, time - you have summed it up perfectly.

that yarn is divine! my lys sells it and i want to throw myself into the baskets!!
and, as always, the mountain looks lovely

Crazy busy. Yes, that's the word. Not even time to follow your blog on a regular basis right now. But enjoy it whenever I can.

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