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A Study in Stripes

Vicki posted pictures of her beautiful Different Lines yesterday. Did you see how it draped so beautifully around her neck?


My shawl, Stripe Study, has been around my shoulders from the minute it was finished. Kim's glorious yarn makes it soft, drapy, warm, and lovely to wear. Lucky for me, Vicki took a couple FO shots when we visited Silver Lake. (Can it really be over a week ago? she wailed.)


Last night I was able to take a few close up photos in my garden.


At first glance the stripe pattern seems quite simple, but the shawl is knit with short rows which create an asymmetrical pattern. One end has thinner stripes and the other end has wider stripes.  I used a chocolate brown (Godiva) and a soft pinkish tan (Woodrose), in Woolen Rabbit Lark.


Usually, garter stitch stripes looks odd on the back side, but the garter effect created an interesting pattern, and almost third color. No need to worry if you have this shawl on "wrong", as both sides look beautiful.


I may be following Vicki's lead to make more than one of this Striped Study, but I'll definitely be trying Different Lines, too. The creative use of stripes is rather addicting, interesting to watch as the shawl grows, and very fun knitting.


It's really wonderful.

When I first saw this pattern I thought I'd never knit it...mainly because of it being assymetrical. But seeing yours makes me think twice about it. Your shawl is beautiful and it sits on your shoulders just right!

I was sorely tempted to swipe it whilst it was left unattended at Alta -- it's gorgeous!

You look so happy with your new knit. Well done!

I like shawls that look deceptively simple - I knit a Spiral Nebula Shawl that's sort of similar that way.

It looks great on your shoulders. The colors work perfectly in this pattern.

Some of my favorite projects are those that are simple but yield beautiful results. I love this.

Simply lovely, ma'dear!!

Waaaaaaa! I can't believe it's been a week! Kim's yarn is so nice -- wonderfully soft and drapey for this shawl. So cozy!

Much like the commenter above, I didn't think I'd ever knit this shawl because of the asymmetry. But seeing it worn by someone gives me a whole different perspective. Great color choices. You did a lovely job with this.

Yours is beautiful! I loved knitting mine and it became a rather addictive. I've got Different Lines in my queue and picked up yarn for it on Saturday. Can't wait to cast on.

I love this one so much! It really does look great from either side.

So very elegant! I love the colors, and the photo shoot, too.

Soooo pretty - functional, yet feminine. GREAT project!!

Very pretty! I love those colors! They look even richer and more delicious in person.

I too am addicted to these shawls. I have yarn to make another one (which would be #3). Eek!

It is beautiful!

Perfect. Must make soon!

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