The Color Yellow
A Study in Stripes


The whole weekend, the long and lovely weekend, of Vicki's visit felt like a retreat, not just the two days we spent at Alta. We both feel as if we could have, should have, taken more pictures, but the intent was to knit, to retreat, and that's exactly what we did. 

Here you see Suzy, Cheryl and Vicki (the empty chair is mine) intently knitting and not much changed throughout the day, except the angle of the sun. Here it is the last weekend of September and we're sitting on the deck as if it were the height of summer.  We had 2 days of fantastic weather, great food, lots of chatter and tons of knitting!


At the very last minute of retreat, just as we were saying our good-byes, I thought to snap a picture of Lisa, the very best retreat organizer (and festival organizer) ever!      

 Vickiatsfforbreakfast Vickiatsilverfork

Vicki and I continued to retreat, even after the Alta Retreat was over, as we were able to spend another excellent day together. We started out at Silver Fork, where I remembered to snap a couple of pictures of Vicki. (During the week, when it's not so busy, SF is able to make a GF meal.)



From there we went to Silver Lake and walked around the boardwalk. We saw the moose, which was a treat, and then we took pictures of our recent FOs.  It's very likely we will both be more forthcoming with FO information as soon as we can get our wits about us. They're both worth waiting for...promise!

Vicki capturingred

We drove over the mountains and into a forest of red were the oaks were showing off what they could do, as the aspens were a little behind in their changing of the colors. I took pictures of Vicki capturing red or stood beside her to capture the show.


Blue skies shown on us throughout Vicki's stay. September was amazing.


My favorite picture of Vicki's stay is this one, taken by Suzy, her only picture of the weekend.


Oooh, that's my favorite, too! Even with re-entry and various types of *crap* to deal with -- of the regular and not-so-regular varieties -- I'm still feeling quite rested and relaxed! ; )

What a wonderful, perfect shot of the two of you! You both looks rested; relaxed; happy! Such a grand weekend for you both!

Oh, what a wonderful time you had! :)

That's a wonderful picture of you and Vicki. I'm glad you had such a great time together.

What a great photo - and what a great time!!!

What a nice retreat! You had wonderful weather and such beatiful pictures. Lisa looks like she could be your sister to me. I just love all the colors of nature in your pics!

It was an awesome weekend!
Can't wait to do it again next year.

What a great picture of great friends. I love it. You should frame that one, grrl. Such pretty pretty pictures. I hope you soaked it all up. We're heading to colder weather soon and you'll need the memories and Vitamin D!!!!!

Obviously you guys had a GREAT time! Hard to beat beautiful fall scenery, knitting and good friends!!

Oh Margene, friendship and grrlfriend time is such a treasure and what a blessing that we can keep it in our heart even when we have to part ways and go back to our everyday activities! Beautiful photos - and beautiful ladies!

The photos are great, and I am so glad you had such fun! I am always impressed with the aspens, and looking forward to fall colors here in a few weeks.

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