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Reasons To Finish a Pair of Socks

1. It was the right thing to do. 

2. It's the process...there are no excuses, no WIPs. Practice what you preach, so to speak. (See #1)

3. I had a few days off.  Which doesn't mean there was more time to knit, as I was doing other fun stuff,but it just felt right. (See #1 & #2)

4. Encouragement from blog friends was helpful and made it necessary not to disappoint. (See #2) Thank you, friends.

5. There was the most excellent opportunity for a photo shoot, as I had a few days off. (See #3)

6. It took constant vigilance to knit the foot and, thank goodness, the toe was short. I finished it and wove in the ends while Smith drove up the canyon. (See #3)


A weekday is the only day (which means taking a vacation day) Silver Fork can make a GF meal.   Happy am I to be able to dine at one of my favorite places once again! 


As usual, after our breakfast at the Fork, we took a stroll around Silver Lake. Most of the aspen leaves had fallen, but the last stand provided an excellent backdrop.

Prymania was totally fun, entertaining, a total blast to knit, and Pandora Sock (from The Woolen Rabbit, of course), made it all the better. The yarn feels so good on my feet and it will be durable. (Raveled here)

How about one more shot of Silver Lake? 


The mountain snow left by the last storm has not melted away, which is surely a sign our fabulous fall will soon be over.  My vacation days coincided perfectly with the last few days of sun.


Lovely socks. Thank you for sharing your Silver Lake pictures again. I love when you post them.

Yay for finishing the socks - they are truly beautiful. And yay for vacation days and doing your favorite things!

Ooh - the socks, the lodge, the photos all look so serene and idyllic. I'm glad you finished the socks and got to show them off. The ambience didn't hurt either. Thanks for sharing!

Stunning, Margene! What a perfect location; a perfect backdrop; and perfect socks! Just lovely . . . in every respect.

Your fall is way prettier than ours. The drought made for dull browns and a few yellows. No spectacular reds this year. sigh. Your socks are beautiful. I love the color and the pattern is cool. Another pair of warmth and love to wear now!


Oh wow! Great socks, great photos!
Thanks for taking us along.

You live in SUCH a beautiful place. Thanks for knitting the socks!

ooo, i miss the lake

Showing off a finished object at Silver Lake--just as it should be. Beautiful socks! Beautiful place!

What a great sock pattern. Love it.

As for the views, wow, that is pretty! I've got to get up the canyon before all the leaves are gone.

Hooray! They look great, especially contrasted with the aspens. This may have been the last good weekend up there.

I thought one of your reasons might be that the weather turned cold and you needed them! :D

Such a perfect backdrop for your new socks! May they keep your feet nice and toasty warm.

Sounds like a sweet weekend. I love the reasons.

Oh, how beautiful!! I miss your mountains and canyons and lakes... and you!!
; )

Great socks! And you'd better just keep them on your feet - winter is coming.

I love those socks!! *covet*

Yay for being able to get a GF meal at your favorite spot!

Gorgeous socks, amazing (as always) scenery! So glad you got to enjoy such a crystal-perfect day off!!

Those are some seriously beautiful socks and yay!, you finished them in October!!
Wow, you have shown so many beautiful pictures of Silver Lake over the years and I have decided that if I am ever in the area again, I will go there. I can see why it is your favorite. Are dogs allowed there on leash? Oh, one more question. What are the top 2 knit shops in SLC? My daughter is planning a car trip to go to the soccer playoffs with Seattle and SLC, and she is a knitter too.

Yay, beautiful socks as usual! :)

I knew you could do it! Such beautiful scenery!


Very nice socks and lovely pictures!

O, I SO love that you took pictures of your socks at my favorite of all places that we visited when we were with you. :-) So pretty!

Well, very nice, but I have not quite been inspired to finish any sock UFOs, LOL

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