Is it Spring Yet?

Eye Candy Shoes

Keen's are my number one choice when it comes to shoes. Every year and add one more pair to my collection, but this year I added two. Vicki brought along a new pair of Keen walking shoes and when I saw them I knew they were what my feet needed.  After dropping Vicki off at the airport (so sad to see her go!)  I stopped by my neighborhood "Walk Shop" and found just what I was looking for (they're a little different than yours, Vicki). 

BUT, I also found my hearts desire.

When my boss caught sight of them he said "We're all just little kids at heart." And to that I say Amen and thank goodness!! TGIF! Make your weekend FUN.


Majorly cute!!!

Those are so fun! I may have to go check out their shoes.

Wow, I haven't seen that style around here yet! Do they have good arch support? I've been a little sad that fewer Keens seem to have arch support - I have to make sure I get styles that have a "metanomical foot bed"...

Okay, I just read this and IMMEDIATELY ordered a pair for me!! Thanks!!

Those are so cute!


Love 'em! Have a warm and wonderful weekend, grrl!!!

Those are so friggin' cute! Love them!


Great...I am feeling compelled to buy my own pair.

So cute!

I love them! Have a great weekend!

Love them. So much. . . that I may go in search of a pair for my own feet! :-)

Oh! I have not seen those here!! Love 'em!

Those are ADORABLE!!!

Wonderful! I'm also a Keens fan and I think those would give my wardrobe a bump up.....must go look for them.

Oh. My. Golly! What sensational shoes!!


Oh, those are just delightful! I have my oldest pair of Keens on this afternoon, soaking up the last rays of fall, and my wool-lined Keen boots just waiting to serve me well through another winter. What's not to love? Poor Glenn is distraught that they have discontinued his favorite style, though.

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