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According to my Ravelry account this pair of socks was started on January 3rd, which is quiet sad and lame for someone who claims to be a sock knitter.  This makes me wonder, if I only one sock a year, does that take away my sock knitter status?


I am unsure of the answer to that question, as my knitting, any knitting, seems to be in a slump. But sock knitting, in particular, has been difficult. The sock is lovely, the pattern is interesting and fun to do, the yarn is fabulous. I'm even carrying the sock in a lovely new bag, sewn by Suzy, and still I'm in a sock knitting slump. Oh, Socktober, you've passed me by!


The bag may be the only thing I post for this months Project Spectrum, which is sad as turquoise is in the range of my favorite blues.  I love aqua, love cyan, and love turquoise (but not when they are taken it into that tealy, greeny-blue color). Turquoise and aqua must be true to blue.

Oh dear, I've allowed PS to distract me (there's the rub!). Wasn't I talking about socks?  Anyway, the goal is to finish this sock by the end of October Socktober, but if that doesn't happen (and I'm not holding my breath), I'll be happy just to finish in 2011.

A year for a pair of socks, at least for this knitter, is pathetic and sad. Will there be another sock in my future? Will my sock knitting keep up with attrition? Even one pair per year is better than none, no?


If you know how to knit socks, you're sock knitter in my book. If you know how to knit, you're a knitter. It doesn't really matter how much you knit... or even IF you knit. So there. It's good to have goals, but knitting... you should be enjoying. So there. I have spoken. Heh.
; )

Always remember...it's not a race! Said she who has two hours left to finish a pair of socks started in September 2010...ahem!

If you have ever knit socks...even just one pair...you are a sock knitter. I've got a 1/2 pair of socks waiting for me to get busy on too. But there are other things calling to me first! :D

You are an expert sock knitter no matter how many you knitted in one particular period of time!

There's a lovely banner at the top of your blog that reminds me "It's the process." Some processes are just longer than others!

Knitting socks is overrated. Trust me. Once a sock knitter, always a sock knitter. Whether you are knitting them or not.

Pretty bag by Suzy, btw.


Sock knitter; schmock knitter. You are a COOL knitter. You knit cool things. In between DOING cool things. (And that is a cool bag!)

Sometimes the mojo just isn't there. But sometimes, if we pick it up and work on a project, and make just a wee bit of progress, the magic returns and away we go. My personal motivation is the infinite supply of beautiful sock yarn out there - it all calls my name - endlessly. Our sock club at the yarn store has started offering a sock pattern OR a shawl pattern for those with the "sock blues". ;)

You are still doing better than me!

Sometimes you just need a change of pace - I don't feel that taking a break detracts in any way from your status as a sock knitter. Neat bag!

Bah, if you work on socks at all, you're a sock knitter. :)

That bag is GORGEOUS!

Hey Margene, don't feel too bad, I've had the same pair of socks on the needles since last October when I started "In the Loops" mystery socks.

Some projects are just like that, right? I am almost surprised by what I actually get knitted these days. I mean I never know when I start something if it will be done in a week or drag on and sometimes end up in the frog pond. I have a sad little first sock from January too! They are also a lovely pattern and wool, but there it sits. I think maybe socks are phase thing for me, and it may be some time before I am into them again. It's nice to know I'm in good company!

I love that eye of partridge heel. Finish the socks already! And then send me all your sock yarn!

Absolutely!! You might not be in the Platinum Club anymore, but you still are knitting sock, so you are in the club. You will love them when you're done and they will be there to take the place of a well worn out loved pair.

Sometimes projects just need a break. I've got a shawl right now that stalled out months and months ago....and I don't know why. Love the pattern, yarn, beads, everything...just don't want to knit it.

Like you, I have a sock, well a portion of a sock to show for my Socktober. I got caught up with Ysolda's Damson. But there is still some month left and time to knit on!

I absolutely agree with all the people who reminded you that it isn't a race. Sometimes you knit socks, therefore you are a sock knitter. It's your knitting and do whatever you wish. Your a sensible interesting person who does a great many things.

Go without guilt and do whatever you please, my child. smile.....

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