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Last Gasp Garden

Smith is still working his garden and the fall bounty has been quite amazing. In July he decided to try small second batches of green beans, lettuce, beets, radishes and potatoes.  The green beans did fairly well, as we had about three meals worth. The radishes have been amazing (huge!), the beets small but tasty.


The potatoes were a major success! This potato is 2.4 lbs! Several more are just slightly smaller.  The variety was Cadillac Red and you can bet Smith will plant them again.


The last of the broccoli has been harvested, although there could be a few smaller heads later this fall. Eating fresh broccoli has been an very tasty treat.


We didn't plant sunflowers, but several other gardeners did and they planted the very tall variety packed with seeds.  I'll bet they'd be easy to roast.



I can't believe frost hasn't done in my garden yet. I still have oodles of eggplant and serrano peppers though the bell peppers are slowing down and we took out the tomatoes. Birds really love the smaller sunflowers. Those often get "planted" in my garden by the chippies and squirrels so I leave them because the goldfinches are so entertaining when they get the seed out of the seedheads. I'm jealous of your potatoes! Mine didn't do well but I'm going to change up my bags next year to something more breathable and start them earlier. Hope the chick chicks are all happy and well.

Oh, man! That potato is HUGE!!!! Wow! So glad you're getting such tasty harvests. . .right up to the end of the growing season. Aren't sunflowers cool? Love 'em!

Cadillac Red would win a contest! Cool!

WOW! That potato is AMAZING!!!

Aren't fall harvests a treat and a half? There is nothing like fresh from the garden, but I'll bet I've said that more than a few times. I will occasionally plant sunflowers, but the birds strip them way before I can harvest and, besides, I feed the little guys anyway.

Very cool Cadillac! It's a monstah! Soup for two or three for sure.

You have pretty much described Louisiana's winter gardening crop - you're just ahead of us. In addition to broccoli, try cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. If you are a fan of greens, such as turnip and collards, they thrive in a winter garden, too.

Wow - you told me it was big, but I didn't imagine it quite like that!

You just need some leeks to go with that potato! Very impressive, Smith!

That's a potato?! O.O

Awesome garden photos - I'm glad you are still enjoying your own fresh veggies.

That's one serious tater!

Holy moley that is one big potato!

I have NEVER seen such a large potato!! Did it taste good?

That's a monster spud!
We're down to just brussels sprouts in the garden. They just keep going and going long after everything else has given up.

Hugest potato I have ever seen. Cadillac in lots of ways! The squirrels always get our sunflower heads. They gnaw the top of the stem, it falls off, they make a mess. I don't plant them anymore.

Wow, that is a huge potato!!

Sunflowers,especially the big girls are my most favorite flower in the garden....along with the humble marigold. :-)

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