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The day Vicki and I went on our outing (to Silver Lake and beyond) we came home to find Smith building a very large wooden box. He was smiling from ear to ear, like the Cheshire cat. He was a man with a plan.  A couple of years ago he'd started our whole garden experience with a smaller box (about 2x3), but now, here he was building one that's 3x8!


Yes, I said eight feet! It fits perfectly at the edge of our carport and has displaced the smaller box, along with several barrel size pots. Everything was full of herbs, flowers, lettuces and whatever else Smith thought would grow, and everything has, for the most part, survived well.  His goal with the bigger box is to try square foot gardening.


A few days ago he carefully measured out the squares and marked them off with string.  He's planted several cool weather crops in the hopes we'd have a nice mix of fresh greens over the next month. 


And maybe it will happen, but it's too bad the beautiful weather didn't last. Yesterday's sunrise was the precursor to a cold front.


Today there will be mountain snow.



Wow, he definitely has gardening ambitions!

The box is still beautiful--even if there will be a few snow flakes in it soon! I would love to have a handmade one...but will have to be satisfied with one from a catalog!

Dale keeps saying he wants to build raise beds and try square foot gardening, too. I love the ease of our CSA too much to go back to home gardening, though. Go Smith!

Ah. Such is the life of a Gardener! What a beautiful box. (And I bet those cold-weather crops will be fine. For a while, at least!)

Oooh! Can't wait to see how that little garden grows!! It's going to be 80F here today, but your snowy forecast tells me that... I'd better enjoy it while I still can!!

It looks great!

Good for Smith! He's a farmer!!!! I'll bet you get salad greens before the first cold!

Lovely box! I garden out 3x3 foot black plastic ones. Tender beans and carrots in the ground with a frost warning tonight. A warm flannel blankie should help out. Brought in the winter squashes and covered a few that haven't hardened off yet. If they get bitten tonight they will be cooked like zucchini tomorrow. Hoping snow stays away for a while.

Hmmm . . . mountain snow?? It snowed at my HOUSE!

We've had frost two nights in a row here in northeastern MA, and while they weren't killing frosts, it does mean that gardening is just about over for this year. On the other hand, forecasters are predicting a record high of 83-84 for Sunday! Smith did a great job on that box! I'd love one like that for my yard next spring. Will he take orders? (just kidding!)

How cool!

How cool is that? I love the idea.

So very cool. Alas, I too thought I could get a late harvest of greens. Perhaps one bowl of tiny baby greens if the current weather holds. Bravo to Smith for giving it a shot!

I love the square foot garden method which I am going back to next year to give my weary bug ridden garden a rest.

We have had a killing frost here, so the bed will be pampered with some goodies and then put to rest. :-)

Yay to Smith!

Keep me posted on how he does! He might consider putting it on wheels, so he can move everything inside the carport during heavy snows, and might also set up hoops along the length so he can use row covers or plastic for season extenders. I'm rooting for success.

What a great idea! You can cover it if there are frost tender things to extend your season even more!

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