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If I write this post it will be #1900. However, that's with two saved posts, which may or may not be published.  If I delete one I can post #1900 again.  Is that cheating?

If I join Cheryl and Vicki in the Sky Project Scarf I'll be knitting with the color blue...various and numerous blues. The picture above is Sunday morning, a rather hazy day, but as you can see below, the air cleared and warmed (a little).


If I remember to take my camera when I leave the house on a work morning, I may have the good fortune of capturing a great sunrise shot.  

If the weather stays clear (we've had several cold and cloudy days), I'll have some knitting to share. You were being to wonder if I knit. Right?


If I find the time to read blogs it's amazing what I find like the lovely pictures that you take of your mountains.

Nah. I knew you knit, I just didn't know WHAT you knit;-P Love the blue skies. So pretty!! And, hunny, you can cheat all you want.

I never wonder about you knitting, I know you always are - just like me. I wish we'd had time to stop and take photos of the sunrise yesterday morning, it was spectacular.

I am so intrigued by the Sky Scarf project. . . that I'm going to do it, too! Only. . . mine will be mostly shades of grey, with some blue here and there. Love your skies. So beautiful.

It would not be cheating. A grrl's gotta do what she's gotta do when it comes to blogging.


Oh, so beautiful!
(Wow, #1900!!) (As many times as you'd like!)

I love our clouds.

Lovely sky. I never get tired of clouds!

I'm calling it 1900! That is incredible, and so are those skies:) I am like you, often not thinking about grabbing that photo until it is too late... for example, the moon this AM, which I hope you at least got to see.

Thank you for sharing your sky!

You are distracting me with mountain pictures. Knitting usually does appear here, and that makes it a multifunctional blog.

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