Garden Harvest Fair

As luck would have it, the weather was perfect, beautiful beyond our hopes, as Saturday was the Harvest Fair in our community garden.

Beth Ellen organized a fun fair in our community garden for children of all ages., to picnic, listen to stories, meet Mother Earth and to play.


Mother Earth was decked out in her finest, as her job was to lead the children through the garden.

Luminaires lit the grounds and jack-o-lanterns scared off hobgoblins. However, ghosts were said to be running the pathways.

Farmer George gave all the kids a ride on a trailer pulled by his fancy tractor.

George also told the stories and the children, bedecked in costumes, paid rapt attention.


Mother Earth then led the children in a parade through the garden and at the end they received seeds of their own to plant.

Beth Ellen made sure the Festival was fun for all, especially the kids.  The Harvest Festival was a wonderful way to share the beauty of our garden and celebrate the bounty of the earth. 


Oh, what fun!!!! What a perfectly fabulous way to celebrate the harvest and the community gardening experience. (And, oh my! I want Mother Nature's veggie necklace!)

How fun! I spy myself holding the gate post up!

What a wonderful event!!

OMG! How wonderful is that? What a great time and chance to connect one more time before winter.

That sounds like a great day and the setting was gorgeous!

What fun this looks like!

Oh WOW! What a wonderful event!! Thanks for bringing us along.

So fun!

Wonderful weekend! Wonderful community!

Great event - thanks for sharing the photos!

Looks like everyone was certainly enjoying themselves...and a good way to help kids learn where their food comes from.

What an adorable little owl! Clever costume, cute kid!

I'm so glad you had great weather for this fun new "tradition". It seems that the gardening experience has been very meaningful for your husband and for you, and that must be true for your other gardeners as well.

Thanks for sharing this fun event with us.

What a wonderful idea, and it looks like a great time was had by all! Your circle of friends seems to have grown with this gardening community.

How fabulous!

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