Hello, I'm Back, Too!

The Color Yellow

At this beautiful time of the year, the landscape incorporates the color yellow into its pallet, and does it in a very brilliant way.

The grasses at silver lake have turned yellow before many of the aspens, although the aspens, in the background, are a beautiful mix of yellow-green and golden yellow.  (In the center of this picture is a brown dot called a moose. The school children are clustered on the right.)


A color that enhances the yellow quite well is the color blue. In nature the best pictures of yellow seem to be a nice balance between blue and yellow or, maybe, that's just how I choose to see the world when the color yellow is involved. Blue and yellow go together like a horse and carriage.

While driving over the mountains in search of the vibrant red-oranges of fall, Vicki and I found the vibrant yellows of fall, and wouldn't you know, the blue sky was the perfect contrast.


I think my very favorite yellows are the Aspen yellows! And you're right -- gorgeous against that blue sky. So nice.

Aren't they gorgeous! I love the yellow-blue combo, too. I have posted some similar views today!!

So pretty!

Gorgeous! Have a great weekend.

So beautiful!

Lovely photos!!

Simply beautiful.

Mmm, I miss aspen and cottonwood yellow against a clear blue sky. I shouldn't complain -- I live in an area where people drive a long way to look at the colorful fall leaves. But one loves what one has gotten used to, I guess. The reds are pretty, but the golden aspens turn the very air golden.

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