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Random Fall Spectrum


Sunflowers dot the community garden plots and line the roadways around the valley. The sunny yellow faces contrast nicely with the blue skies. Clouds roll in and out this time of year, perhaps, bringing storms or just painting shades of gray and white on the blue canvas of sky. 

The garden is beginning to fade and Smith is already pulling spent plants in ready for next years garden. A large section will be prepped as a garlic bed and we're also planning on a larger onion crop, including this summers favorite, the golden cippolini.

The tomatoes are still coming on, but the rate has slowed to the point we can either eat them all or find them loving homes.  There could possibly be one more batch of the OMG sauce. However, tucked into the freezer, are about 2 dozen 1 quart bags, and that's enough to keep us very happy.

I'm all a dither over what I want to knit while spending time at the Knitters' Retreat, which is the last weekend of this month. Alta Lodge will surely be surrounded with aspens in changing shades of green and gold. I'm looking forward to this year, which will be even better than last.

I've not finished any of my current projects, nor taken current photos (thus the sunflowers only) but, hopefully, something will fall off the needles soon.


What a beautiful shot of the sunflowers against the sky! Just . . . happy-making! Can't wait to see what you decide to knit at the Retreat.

Love the sunflowers! I did not see sunflowers until I was an adult, and moved out of state. The state where I grew up had a Weed Commission, which could fine you if you let things like thistles get out of hand. (Good farming land was just to valuable to waste.) Sunflowers were on the list of prohibited weeds, too.

Now, sunflowers are a money crop. Go figure!

Oh, honey, all we need is that photo of the sunflowers.

Wow, I didn't even realize that it will be the last weekend of the month. I can't wait to go on retreat, but September is zooming by WAY TOO FAST!! I might actually bring a project along that needs finishing... I have enough to choose from!

Such a pretty picture. Summer is gone and fall is a constantly changing display. I love this time of year!!!!


That photo is lovely. September is beautiful in your neck of the woods.

We already have a freeze warning for tomorrow night! It just seems too soon...

I love sunflowers too esp with a blue sky as a backdrop. Busy putting up tomato sauce in the freezer too- though not mine, but from the farm stand down the street. Mine were planted very late and are mostly still green with the cooler day and night time temps. I smell green tomato chutney if they don't color up soon. Looking forward to seeing which WIP races itself off the needles next. :-) Mwah!

We definitely don't need FO pics when you are gifting us with such pretty flowers!

What a beautiful image!

Gorgeous photo!

Projects for the retreat, hmm. It can't be too involved if there's socializing - maybe make some new mitts and matching hat. A fair isle hat could be fun and easy enough with only a few colors. A sweater would be fun too...I'm no help.

Aah, beautiful photos! I am envious of your getting to take a Knitter's Retreat... have a great time.

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