It's the Time of Year
And the Tomatoes Have It!

Mondo Profundous

No matter how many posts I write describing the process of knitting my Mondo, for one reason or another, I can finished them. Despite the lack of a public acknowledgement, the Mondo grows and I just might be able follow through to the last bind off. My hopes have been raised, my sights set. If only I had a magic wand.


I'm holding my breath, wondering, hoping the sweater will fit. A top down sweater is easy to try on as you go, and that was accomplished several times during the process, but I still wonder. Knitting with (what I consider to be) big yarn and large gauge is hard on my hands. Knitting top down leaves a ton in your lap no matter what you knit first...the body, or sleeves, or any other combination you wish, it's still an unwieldy mass at some point. The mass feels like a many legged monster, an octopus or something...well, forgive my silliness, as I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment.

I can't think of one part of my life that doesn't demand constant attention at the moment, and that isn't a compliant. There is just so much to do, so much I want to do, and knitting this sweater is one of many things on my table at this moment.

September is here, summer is slipping away, no matter how tightly I grasp it. This weekend we're planning fun with friends, fun in the sun, and mountains, and garden, and on the patio, and everywhere we can stretch ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend! Is this really the last weekend of summer?


I love my Mondo sweater, although it's a little too big and swingy through the hips. I bet you will love yours, too. Have a great weekend - relax and forget about everything else but fun!

I love my Mondo vest. It might be my most-worn handknit. Ever. I love the beautiful blue of yours! Enjoy every moment of this weekend. I don't think summer weather is behind us . . . but there is definitely change in the air.

Lalalalalalalala.... it's still summer.... lalalalalalala!

Pretty blue Mondo. Mine is in a WIP pile somewhere just after the first cable cross.

Have a great weekend!

Despite how insanely busy this summer has been, I AM ready for fall. And just think, you will have a gorgeous new sweater for the cooler weather at this rate!

You do have a magic wand -- two of them -- now go knit :D

That Mondo is SO you. Love the blue with subtle stripes!

Hoping for fall here somewhere around the third week of October. End of the fifth season (hurricane season): November 30!

The color is gorgeous and I love that cable! Hope it fits...

Oooh, so pretty! Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!!

i love my mondo, both the sleeveless tank, and the pullover -and i wear them constantly. I modified the pattern slightly so it would be more fitted. I also tried it on quite a few times during the knitting process. Yours is gorgeous - i love that blue...

I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can wear my Mondo vest (worked from the bottom up in pieces, of course).

Beautiful! I've been looking for a simple, yet wonderful pulli and this is it! Queued.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I'm expecting you to have that done by Sunday! I'm getting very little knitting time.

That sweater will be wonderful and perfect. Enjoy the summer while you have it, sweetie, and don't let all the stuff weigh you down. Or slow you down for that matter.


Come to St. Louis, Margene. We've got PLENTY of summer left. Whew. Mondo in the form of a vest is due up for me this winter. Have the pattern and the yarn is spun. Now, all I need is winter...

hahahahahahaha. What Ann said;-P No, seriously, it's 103 here and no humidity. My yard is yellow, not green. My flowers are all gone and everything looks washed and faded and I'm so ready for fall. So, you enjoy summer for me and I'll just enjoy you enjoying summer. K? BTW, the Mondo is gonna rock. It's beautiful and you are awesome for knitting something warm in the heat!!!

You pick the most gorgeous shades of blue and this is another one!

I will be quite happy to see this particular summer slip away!

And I have to agree...bigger yarns are tougher on the hands, and sweaters always end up being a bit unwieldy.

Ah, but you are building summer memories, and those do last. Enjoy your weekend, the rest will wait.

Beautiful sweater, beautiful yarn, beautiful knitting. Enjoy the process - as much as possible - and then enjoy wearing that beautiful sweater!

This looks like the perfect sweater for the season right around the corner.... we had high winds hitting the house all night (and warm, making me worry about fire), and I couldn't sleep, so I started planning my fall knitting out:)

It sounds like we are in the exact place in our lives. My Vitamin D is like your Mondo and I am determined to have her finished this fall.

It's hard to believe that summer has actually come and gone, but I really am looking forward to fall and no humidity. :-)


Yes, it is still summer. Maybe not high summer, but still warm. Still humid. Still light. Lots of veggies. Don't abandon hope!

You Mondo looks like it is going to become a favourite. It is beautiful in its simplicity. Over here it is also the end of summer: apples and pears falling from the trees, humid, thunderstorms and some sun. I am also knitting a blue cable sweater, but very different from yours, looking forward to colder weather.

What a cozy sweater to welcome the coming fall. I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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