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Hello, I'm Back, Too!

And this is even more of a fly-by post than Vicki's.  Vicki was the perfect guest and I was honored she came to visit.  Smith and I are not only delighted she had a great time,but she loved the landscape of "our" Utah.

Retreat we did, and it was a real treat to do nothing but knit, visit, knit, eat, knit, relax and drink, and knit some more!  I had a very nice time catching up with the many local friends I see too infrequently.

I took even fewer pictures than Vicki did and the piddly few I did take, didn't turn out very well. Except, for this amazing sighting at Silver Lake.  (Oh dear, Carole is going to be upset, as she's been to Silver Lake 3 times and never seen a moose.)


Vicki may have more photos (and better) of this cow moose. She was only about 30 feet from the walkway, and yet, she quietly enjoyed herself whilst nibbled on the grass (or something).  She didn't look up, didn't move more than her ears, and wasn't bothered by the copious number of school children (who were more amazed with the ducks).

The weather was perfection all weekend and continues to be warmer than normal.  Now, however, I must pay the piper.  I'll share more of our lovely weekend soon!


Sounds like great (re)TREATS all around! So glad it was the perfect weekend. Try to keep that retreat-frame-of-mind as you re-enter the "real world." :-)

Sounds like a great time was had by all - what fun!

Oh, I love seeing moose. And to be so close!

I still can't get over that moose -- she was so calm and cool with all those kids around! (I was also pretty impressed with the behavior of the kids.) I'm thrilled to have visited Silver Lake with you!

I've never seen one at Silver Lake either. But at least I've seen them elsewhere in the canyon.

Glad you had such a great time! Cool moose.

Dude. Really? She not only got to stay in my room but she got to see a moose? Clearly it's time for me to make a return visit and reclaim my turf. Seriously, I'm so glad you had a great time. You are a wonderful hostess and of course Vicki loved being there. But you know, you didn't have to order up the moose.

I can't tell you how much I miss Utah. Not in our future, sadly. I live vicariously through the photos of others!

Sounds divine, girl! I'm so glad the weather cooperated. And, a moose? Too cool. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Very cool photo! And I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. :)

Clearly, our Carole needs to visit again. ;^)

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