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Truly, I'm not sure what to do.  I'm in a quandary of indecision. After binding off Stripe Study, I just sat, nothing in hand, no inspiration, nothing in my brain. It's sad, so sad and kinda silly!

I have, however, been inspired by the sky. 

I love the sky

The morning view from my office and the afternoon view from my home always stop me in my tracks.  I'm very happy when I have the camera at hand just so I can show off this amazing view.


The clouds this time of year are ever changing. 

Kym's post today was about the new Elizabeth Zimmermann book. Did you know a new book had been published?  Well, I should have said something the minute I bought it, as I even took a picture of it and of the new Knitscene with Amy Herzog's article on "Fit to Flatter".  Now, if I can't find inspiration here, I must be dead.


This morning I woke up with several ideas of what should happen with my knitting. There are a few things on "the table" and I'm perusing all possibilities and opportunities Good developments may be on the horizon.  Perhaps I'm a little addled at the moment, but I'm still here.


well, margene, if you're looking for something to knit, there are a few things i'd love . . .

Margene! Have you heard of the "Sky Scarf"? Your post and photos today made this come immediately to mind. This is a project that would be perfect for you -- and several other people I know!! I think I'm going to prep for a start on my birthday.


Beautiful sky photos as alwaysand I would love to see your study of strpies. Mine came out wonderful.

Here's what I think is awesome about where you live (besides YOU, of course) --- that you can be just driving down the road to Costco or something and the view is still breathtaking. Even running errands is better when the view is of the mountains! I know you'll come up with something wonderful to knit.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time...

It's great to hear you're addled. It means I'm in good company.

I'm in the same quandary right now, myself, Margene! What to start next??? It's not like I don't have a million options or anything. . .

(Such gorgeous views out your windows!)

Gorgeous, gorgeous views!

I had no idea there was a new EZ book!

Hmm. How's your Sock Mojo?

You'll find something, sweetie. Just relax and let a product find you.

Better addled than not at all. We are allowed that. Creativity cannot be forced!!!

You're just percolating.

A pretty sky, a new knitting book, and a good night's sleep can do wonders for the mind. Happy knitting, whatever your project!

Sometimes that 'tween projects is very nice tension to have going for you.

Sounds as if you're in a "zen" space ... nada, nada, nada ...Thank you for your wonderful photos of sky and mountain!! fits in perfectly ... peace, Elizabeth

I always feel a little let down after a huge knit... I am sure in your case it won't last too long, you have so much inspiration! I bet you already casted on :)

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