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The Color Yellow

At this beautiful time of the year, the landscape incorporates the color yellow into its pallet, and does it in a very brilliant way.

The grasses at silver lake have turned yellow before many of the aspens, although the aspens, in the background, are a beautiful mix of yellow-green and golden yellow.  (In the center of this picture is a brown dot called a moose. The school children are clustered on the right.)


A color that enhances the yellow quite well is the color blue. In nature the best pictures of yellow seem to be a nice balance between blue and yellow or, maybe, that's just how I choose to see the world when the color yellow is involved. Blue and yellow go together like a horse and carriage.

While driving over the mountains in search of the vibrant red-oranges of fall, Vicki and I found the vibrant yellows of fall, and wouldn't you know, the blue sky was the perfect contrast.

Hello, I'm Back, Too!

And this is even more of a fly-by post than Vicki's.  Vicki was the perfect guest and I was honored she came to visit.  Smith and I are not only delighted she had a great time,but she loved the landscape of "our" Utah.

Retreat we did, and it was a real treat to do nothing but knit, visit, knit, eat, knit, relax and drink, and knit some more!  I had a very nice time catching up with the many local friends I see too infrequently.

I took even fewer pictures than Vicki did and the piddly few I did take, didn't turn out very well. Except, for this amazing sighting at Silver Lake.  (Oh dear, Carole is going to be upset, as she's been to Silver Lake 3 times and never seen a moose.)


Vicki may have more photos (and better) of this cow moose. She was only about 30 feet from the walkway, and yet, she quietly enjoyed herself whilst nibbled on the grass (or something).  She didn't look up, didn't move more than her ears, and wasn't bothered by the copious number of school children (who were more amazed with the ducks).

The weather was perfection all weekend and continues to be warmer than normal.  Now, however, I must pay the piper.  I'll share more of our lovely weekend soon!

It's Going to Be So Much FUN!

I have no pretty yarn to show you, not even a mountain view. It's been a little hectic around here.

I'm not just thinking about the retreat and what knitting should be packed, what clothes are needed, which shoes to take, but also what needs to be done when a guest is coming.  Friday can't come quickly enough, as I'm going to leave work (a little early) to pick up a friend from the airport.  We'll visit the local LYS and then head back to my place for dinner. Let the relaxing, retreat time begin! 

The next morning we'll drive UP the canyon (with Suzy) to Alta for the retreat!  My heart is jumping up and down at thoughts of it.  My guest and I started blogging about the same time (2004!), but it's been 5 years since we've had a face to face (Rhinebeck 2006). To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Have you guessed who it is? It's VICKI!! (which you already know if you read her blog).

My retreat projects are packed (an extra one included just in case) and now I really must concentrate on packing a few clothes. As always when a guest is coming, I'm overly worried (it's silly, I know!) and trying to figure out everything that can be done to make Vicki's trip relax, fun and enjoyable. 


Knit Fit

The pattern shall remain nameless, THE pattern that gave me fits for two days, that is.  It was all my own fault, as my brain was unwilling to grasp the necessity of doing the increase correctly. It wasn't the normal type of increase, at least it wasn't in my repertoire (it shall remain nameless, too), and any possibility of doing it right, and maintaining it throughout a large shawl project, just wasn't going to happen.

When I realized the futility of my efforts, I threw a fit (and yes, I tried row by row sticky notes, markers, and whatever the ehll else is usually suggested). I threw my knitting, and tossed my project bag, the case with all my knitting accoutrements inside, the project, the needles, anything within my grasp...hit the floor--tossed like a two year old.  I'm not sure I'm over it, but I didn't destroy anything and I didn't burn my knitting, and (this is a big AND) I was able to knit later in the SnB. The SnB grrls got me through, made me laugh.


The funk had lasted until I went in search of my knitting desire. I knew I had to look, knew I had to get back on the horse. In the process of searching for my knitting desire, a pair of socks came to light, socks from last January.  oh my Pyromania hasn't been far from my thoughts (she's been tucked in my knitting bag all these months, after all), but she's been languishing.

Sock knitting was just what I needed and success was just what I needed. I was able to find my place, tink back two rows, fix a small error, and ignite the fire again. If Sock Mojo decides to hang around, I might even think about joining Socktober.


The weekend was productive in other ways, too. Stripe Study was finished and the last batch of tomato sauce was roasted.  Many of our fall crops have enjoyed the cooler nights and the broccoli has been quite spectacular. Cutting the beautiful green florets evoke memories of my pre-Rhinebeck visit with Norma in 2006. Could it really be that long ago?

Now, my focus is to make it through the week by readying for the knitting retreat.  I'm so excited for the fun ahead, but need to get things in order for it all to happen. Stay tuned for what's up my knitting sleeve (not sure when I'll post again) and maybe another surprise or two!

Dilly Dallying

Truly, I'm not sure what to do.  I'm in a quandary of indecision. After binding off Stripe Study, I just sat, nothing in hand, no inspiration, nothing in my brain. It's sad, so sad and kinda silly!

I have, however, been inspired by the sky. 

I love the sky

The morning view from my office and the afternoon view from my home always stop me in my tracks.  I'm very happy when I have the camera at hand just so I can show off this amazing view.


The clouds this time of year are ever changing. 

Kym's post today was about the new Elizabeth Zimmermann book. Did you know a new book had been published?  Well, I should have said something the minute I bought it, as I even took a picture of it and of the new Knitscene with Amy Herzog's article on "Fit to Flatter".  Now, if I can't find inspiration here, I must be dead.


This morning I woke up with several ideas of what should happen with my knitting. There are a few things on "the table" and I'm perusing all possibilities and opportunities Good developments may be on the horizon.  Perhaps I'm a little addled at the moment, but I'm still here.

Random Fall Spectrum


Sunflowers dot the community garden plots and line the roadways around the valley. The sunny yellow faces contrast nicely with the blue skies. Clouds roll in and out this time of year, perhaps, bringing storms or just painting shades of gray and white on the blue canvas of sky. 

The garden is beginning to fade and Smith is already pulling spent plants in ready for next years garden. A large section will be prepped as a garlic bed and we're also planning on a larger onion crop, including this summers favorite, the golden cippolini.

The tomatoes are still coming on, but the rate has slowed to the point we can either eat them all or find them loving homes.  There could possibly be one more batch of the OMG sauce. However, tucked into the freezer, are about 2 dozen 1 quart bags, and that's enough to keep us very happy.

I'm all a dither over what I want to knit while spending time at the Knitters' Retreat, which is the last weekend of this month. Alta Lodge will surely be surrounded with aspens in changing shades of green and gold. I'm looking forward to this year, which will be even better than last.

I've not finished any of my current projects, nor taken current photos (thus the sunflowers only) but, hopefully, something will fall off the needles soon.

Two Years

Two years ago (tomorrow) I had the most amazing experience, which gave me the chance to live, to laugh, to cry, to dance and sing, to knit, and most of all to love.  Two years later I am looking back at all the wonderful people who came to care for me, to support and encourage, and to love me.

It is a gift to have the experience of growing a garden, gathering eggs, and laughing at my chickengrrls eat corn.  I am a very fortunate grrl and I am very grateful.

Thank you for being here, for reading, and for all your kindness over the years, especially the last two! Onward!

And the Tomatoes Have It!

The weekend was packed with tomatoes! The good kind of tomatoes, not killer tomatoes, although they about did me in. The tomatoes turned into beautiful pots (and pots) of tasty, yummy sauce. With the number of tomatoes coming out of the garden we were able to make six big batches of sauce and 5 dinners worth of Italian Tomato Bean Soup.  We'll have this taste of summer all winter long and we will be so grateful, even though it was hard work.

Because all our weekend fun centered around the kitchen, the garden (with a few friends sprinkled in), no pictures were taken and little knitting was accomplished, but that didn't stop me from dreaming about what would be next on my needles. Therefore, I bring to you thoughts on my winter knitting queue, ala Carole's Ten on Tuesday.

1. Gloves-  Smith and I both need our gloves replaced as holes have taken over and, at this point, it's easier to make a whole pair than to try and replace fingers or palms. Smith will have another pair of Polperro gloves and I'm going to make a pair from the exquisite handspun yarn from our Joan.


2. I'd love to make Cria and learn Ysolda's creative way of knitting set in sleeves from the top down.  Madeline Tosh Pashmina, in Composition Book Gray (great color name?) is in wait.

3. Amy Herzog's new pattern Wintry Mix is just the style of sweater I like to wear.  It's high on my list of desire.

4. Because Kym linked to a couple of patterns this morning, I found Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People. My desire for several sweaters, and other lovely knits, has grown wildly since 6:00am.  Many will enter my winter queue.

5. I'd like to make a pair of knee socks and Endymion in the Twist Collective, has caught my eye. Surely I have a suitable stash yarn.

6. There are several shawls on my list of desire and I'm having trouble deciding which will be next.  Two are as yet unpublished (but they should be available this fall) and one is knit with lace weight, which I haven't used in a couple of years. I'm ready to tackle the fine and delicate again, especially since the yarn from Kim's club is Chantilly Lace in the exclusive color "Ink".


7. In the interest of time (this should be published sometime today, no?), the rest of the list will be quick.  I'd like to use my stash (mostly DK yarn) and knit a cardigan, or two. At the moment there are too many pattern choices to narrow things down.

8.  Socks!  There will be socks and you know there is always Socktober.  I hope to join again this year.

9. A lace cowl would be a nice thing to wear and Anne's Arachne is gorgeous. 

10. I'd like a warm wrap like Kim's Gray Goose, which she knit from Rose Beck's And So are You

Almost everything can be knit from stash, and while I'm not making any promises, stash is a good thing and I'm using mine as much as possible this winter.  What are your knitting plans?

Mondo Profundous

No matter how many posts I write describing the process of knitting my Mondo, for one reason or another, I can finished them. Despite the lack of a public acknowledgement, the Mondo grows and I just might be able follow through to the last bind off. My hopes have been raised, my sights set. If only I had a magic wand.


I'm holding my breath, wondering, hoping the sweater will fit. A top down sweater is easy to try on as you go, and that was accomplished several times during the process, but I still wonder. Knitting with (what I consider to be) big yarn and large gauge is hard on my hands. Knitting top down leaves a ton in your lap no matter what you knit first...the body, or sleeves, or any other combination you wish, it's still an unwieldy mass at some point. The mass feels like a many legged monster, an octopus or something...well, forgive my silliness, as I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment.

I can't think of one part of my life that doesn't demand constant attention at the moment, and that isn't a compliant. There is just so much to do, so much I want to do, and knitting this sweater is one of many things on my table at this moment.

September is here, summer is slipping away, no matter how tightly I grasp it. This weekend we're planning fun with friends, fun in the sun, and mountains, and garden, and on the patio, and everywhere we can stretch ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend! Is this really the last weekend of summer?