August Break?
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The Weekend Run

The whole famdamily gathered together from far and wide and packed as much into a weekend as we could. My three sisters, my brother, Dad, various spouses and a few of my nieces and nephews, are pictured. Two more sisters were not able to join us.

One of my sisters lives in a valley near the Great Salt Lake, which means she has regularly scheduled, fabulous beyond words, sunsets.  It was nice of her to make sure a long and extra beautiful sunset was the apex of our reunion party.


Our last outing was a visit to Silver Lake, which as you may know, is a favorite place of mine.  We walked its shores, enjoyed the views and, because of the late season, a wildflower show (monkshood, bog orchids, elephant heads, wild geraniums, fireweed, columbine, bluebell and the last gasp of the Silver Lake iris).


From this jewel of Utah we made plans for our next big do and said our good-byes until then.

Why does it feel as if summer has slipped right by?


Oh, what stunning pictures!! Sounds like a busy but fun weekend, too. :)

I know what you mean about summer. Here it's because there were weeks at a time where it was too miserable to spend time outside.

Wonderful! I am so happy for you that your family manages to have a reunion every year. What a great time together.

Oh, it looks like WONDERFUL weekend in so many ways!!

You write so beautifully, Margene! I love the ways you described the weekend. It was tiring, but so much fun. I love you so much. We need to see more of each other.

Love the clouds reflected in the lake!

Yes, summer is slipping away. I can't believe it's mid-August.

Awesome family photo, beautiful sunset, and another fabulous shot of one of my favorite spots in the world. Summer isn't over yet, I still have to go on vacation!

Oh, i love the lake picture! So pretty. I'm glad you were able to have another great family reunion.


Because summer has? ;^)

I feel the same way... WHOOSH! But I AM ready for fall. It's been so hot and ugly here this year. Blech.

Absolutely beautiful photos - and not just the beautiful scenery and sunset - but all your wonderful family as well. Summer is indeed flying by. I had knee surgery in May and spent the early summer doing rehab and recovery. I've got great mobility now, but I'm already noticing that my deck-sitting time after work in the evening is getting shorter and shorter. SIGH!!

What a great weekend! Looks like everything was just perfect. There's something about mid-August. . . it's still summer, sure. But change is in the air!

Summer has slipped right through our fingers this year. I'm so glad you all got together. Our reunions have halted. There are now only 2 of the siblings left and my uncle is 95 and my aunt is 79. Happy Monday, grrl!

This morning I said to my work colleagues that I can't believe we still have two and a half more weeks of August! here in the deep south we are deep in the dog days and there are no signs yet of the changing seasons. It'll be another month or so before we can tell the difference between summer and fall.

Margene, your photos are beautiful. It's wonderful that your family makes the time to see one another together. I hope your week goes well post-reunion.

What a gorgeous sunset! The other photos are great too, but the sunset made me gasp. (No, I don't have COPD.)

It is wonderful when you can all look forward to spending family time together. I'm glad it was fun for all. And wildflowers! All we have left are ragweed, black-eyed susans and milkweed.

What an amazing sunset! How fun that you were able to share a trip to Silver Lake with your family!

How very lovely.

Summer really has just been super fast this year.

Gosh what a piece of heaven!

All seasons slip by. We need to grab tightly as we go.

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