I Meme'd Too Soon!
It's the Time of Year


Happy birthday to Sandy!

I was really confused for a minute there about the Saturday thing...

Aw, sweet. Saturday Sky & Sandy go together like Utah Mountains & Margene. Perfect!!

We are waiting to see what happens. Rain? Wind? Rain AND wind? Fizzle? Death and destruction? Stay tuned.

Agh, you just about made me cry. Couldn't be that I am now 50 years old...nah.... :)
Margene, I love you and your mountains. All that and blue sky. Sweet!!

Gorgeous blue sky! Love the wispy clouds. Yup we're gonna get whacked! Delaying taking middle child back to college in MD until Monday. Pray his basement dorm room is not full of water.

Gorgeous sky and happy belated birthday to Sandy. And, oh my, yes. I have family in South Carolina and friends up and down the coast. Another weather worry! Hugs, dearheart!

Happy birthday to Sandy, and the Utah sky is very beautiful. We have had two perfect summer days in Michigan. Two out of a hundred isn't bad. (she whined).

Beautiful sky and totally appropriate to post it for Sandy. I'm home safe and sound!

Just beautiful! Loves those wisps on that blue, blue sky!

You captured perfection!

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