To Shawl or Not to Shawl
August Break?

Saturday Pink Sky


The heat of summer has rarely made a show
it has rained often, more than normal
temperatures have been below normal
humidity has been higher than normal
the garden is still behind in production
a change is in the air
dry weather is on the return
Orion has slowly crept into the pre-dawn sky
crickets have started their nightly chorus
I am not ready for fall


Beautiful photo! Looks like a thin pink stream coming out of that cloud. I'm not ready for fall either. The sun is certainly sitting lower in the sky.

Lovely photo! Wish I'd seen that in person.

Me,I hate hot weather. Bring on the 70s, or even better, the 60s!

Our heat's going to break a bit over the next few days - yay!

Gorgeous sky. :)

How pretty! And what a strange little streak coming out of it.

I haven't enjoyed our summer weather much this year...too humid. But I'm not ready for fall either.

What a sky! The colors are wonderful. Hope you get the summer you want . . . before it really does turn into fall!

I'm sorry, Sweetie. Fall is coming hard and fast, isn't it? Here's to as many long warm nights as you can put together between now and winter!!!!!

I am.

I am ready for a fabulous late summer and a nice, long fall. How's that?!

I am not ready for today.

Lovely photo Margene, I love purples/blues mixed with pinks and reds...

I'm never ready for fall and want summer to last forever.

I so, so know exactly what you mean! This has been a strange summer here as well, and when we traveled through the high country on our mini-vacation last week, it still felt like spring, however the temps are now more like fall. Sigh.

I wish I could share some of this heat we've been having down here, and the dry, in exchange for some of your milder temps and rain. wishwishwish.
Lovely photo, absolutely, the pink stream, almost rainbow-ish in its line quality.
Alas, I am ready for Autumn. (unless we could figure a way to make that exchange :^)

Ah, but there is still much summer left.

I love the fall weather and colors, the crisp air and promise of pumpkins on the porch. I will welcome it - but not yet. Each year I long for a LONGER summer!

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