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Mondo Profundous


Oh, that looks so yummy! I'm having a hard time thinking of winter right now...

Homemade peach ice cream!!! And I am sooo trying this sauce!

i made this last year - twice, and just loved it - i have so much produce will be making it this weekend, along with my favorite winter treat - tomato bean soup

I'm going to try some canning this summer. I think some jam and hopefully some tomato sauce. I've never tried it before, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm not canning this summer (yet...), but some of my favorite winter foods consist of previously frozen home-grown meat (pig, goat, sheep, alpaca, chicken, turkey or duck), veggies that may or may not be home grown, all turned into enchiladas. It doesn't get much better than that!!

Ooh, I was tempted to dive in to the raw product and eat it up! Bet the sauce is even yummier.

I'm with Barbara-Kay, I saw that first photo and looked around for a fork/spoon.. make that a big spoon!
hmmmm. Summer treat. Peach shortcake. My chicken salad. :^)

All this freshness looks too good to cook but you probably have so much of it some must becooked and the sauce looks delicious too!

Frozen (fresh) corn... and tomatoes! And tiny wild blueberries! But I'm not looking forward to winter.

Pickles, of course.

The think I like best about that tomato sauce is how it tastes in February -- summertime in a freezer bag!! I've made the best lasagnas and chilis of my life with that sauce. Mmmmm.

Your hummus...and it works in all four seasons!

Frozen pesto. Lurve it!! Your sauce looks to die for. When do we eat?

Frozen blueberries for pie and muffins!

I would say frozen peaches...but my daughters have already eaten them all.

Oh, yeah! I made a couple batches of Vicki's tomato sauce last fall --- and I'm ready to do it again. Mmmmmmmm! I'm not ready for summer to end quite yet. . . but fall does have a lot to offer!

I'm a frozen pesto girl too, but anything I have too much of, I freeze. Right now it's been blueberries. I have three gallon bags of 'em in the freezer. Shredded zucchini too -- scads of the stuff grated and frozen. The tomatoes have been few and far between here. I envy anyone with enough to freeze!

We have just finished our last jar of sauce from last summer and now it's time to make some more here too. :-)

Mostly I just freeze tomato sauce and pesto....lots of pesto/basil.


Love these photos! I will surely miss the abundance of fresh produce when summer exits.

I'm a sauce girl as well, but this year we seem to be eating them up quicker than I can get out my pot! Love that before photo.

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