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I Meme'd Too Soon!

Everyone is saying summer is over, but a friend reminded me there is still plenty of summer to live. You just need to live it, love it and eat up all the days of August. September is usually delightful with beautiful days, lengthening, cooler nights, and enough sun to keep the garden growing and your skin glowing. Do not give up on summer until you must.

I found this mememe a few days ago, via one of the social networks I rarely frequent, but it was knitterly in nature so I thought I’d post it here (and get a blog post out of it).  Work is busting my butt and I'm having trouble formulating words about my knitting (or anything else). Sorry I messed up and posted this before it was done, but who knew feed readers would that quick!? Anywoo....


My Five Knitterly Things

1. My favorite things to knit – shawls and sweaters – My knitting time has been short, as is time to talk about it (via the blog), but Stripe Study and the Mondo are both growing nicely. The way life is going I’ll be showing them off as FOs.

2. My least favorite thing about knitting – Lack of TIME – The things I don’t like to do, I don’t do. It is the process, right?

3. My first finished object – Blue garter stitch baby romper, oh so many, many years ago…for a nephew and really not all that cute.

4. If I could take only one yarn brand to my desert island it would be – Hands down anything The Woolen Rabbit, as Kim’s dye work, and yarn quality, is fabulous. If I had to pick one of hers over another it would be Opulence. However, she has many new yarns and I haven’t had a chance to try them all (as yet).

5. My current knitting obsession is – Stripe Study- I haven't been able talk about my love of this shawl, but I am having a blast knitting it and dreaming up yet more color combinations whilst doing so.

I’d love to hear your 5 Knitterly Things, too. You can post via your blog or right here in the comments.



1. Socks
2. It makes my neck seize up these days. :(
3. A scarf from a chunky chenille wrapped with eyelash. You can see it here:
4. Meilenweit sock yarn - oh, how I love you, Meilenweit!
5. See #2... I don't have a current knitting obsession. :(

Fun! Hang in there. Work has been kicking my butt lately, too... so I can relate.

1. Anything
2. Recurring shoulder pain and lack of time
3. An absolutely hideous scarf I finally tossed.
4. Mission Falls 18whatever. Pure joy and solid as steel.
5. Mitred blanket for my sister-in-law.
Wow. I can't believe I got this done and without whining. Yay!

Oooh! I love that Stripe Study combo!! I can't wait to knit another.

I second #2!!

1. Sweaters.
2. Mistakes in patterns.
3. Officially a scarf...unofficially a green acrylic sweater that would fit a football player, but only if said football player had really, really, REALLY long arms and weighed 400 lbs.
4. Total sucker for's ever so entertaining as it passes over the needles.
5. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Bog Jacket.

I'll try to do this later in the week on my blog...I love stripe study!

If you'd like more summer, come down to Florida! We'll be enjoying it till November. Um, you might want to wait till Irene passes by (haha). I took you suggestion and posted my Knitterly Things on my blog. Thanks for the idea!

You're so right about summer, Margene. September often offers the best of the season! There is plenty of time to enjoy the sun before the seasons really change. I love your stripe study. It seems like the perfect kind of knitting project -- especially when there's gardening to be done, and work is bustin' your butt!

Oooh, stripe study is just my colors. Just sayin'.

1. Sweaters.
2. Lack of time, and forearm pain.
3. An acrylic scarf that got me so many compliments because it was the most beautiful, flattering-to-my-skin-coloring shade of salmon pink that I have yet to find in real wool yet (but I keep looking).
4. Peace Fleece.
5. I don't have a current knitting obsession, but maybe I can say baby sweaters.

1. Shawls and socks
2.Seaming pieces together but it aint knitting right? :)
3.I actually can't remember,,, oy
4.Hard question - these days I think Handmaden Casbah but ask me tomorrow and it will probably be another one!
5.Stripe study too. My first one is almost done and I love love love it.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Fun to read!! I'll post later on my blog -- need something to get me going on posting!!

I love that Striped Study you are doing and plan to buy some yarn and start my own. The beautiful Utah fall days are ahead for you. We are hoping to spend part of October at our cabin up in Brian Head and get away from all the coastal fog up here on the Central Coast of California. Enjoy each season as it comes along.

I posted on my blog

I love Stripe Study - I'll have to do that one soon.

Excellent post!

1. Shawls and socks.
2. ditto lack of time.
3. Don't remember.
4. good question...can't decide.
5. colorwork in any way shape or form

1) shawls, scarves, baby blankets
2) Lack of time and the fact that I knit slowly means I'm very slow finishing anything
3) a baby blanket in a very basic basketweave pattern in 100% acrylic!
4) Definitely some Plucky Knitter yarns, but I'd squeeze some Madelintosh in there too
5) baby knitting - since the birth of my first grandson!

Nice idea... I better try and get a blog post out of it too!

Aww thank you Margene!! I love your Stripe Study!!

Like you I wish I had more time for knitting. I adore the fall season and hope to squeeze in some outdoor knitting time in before the cold weather sets in.

Love you!

Ohh goody! I'll use this for a blog post this week!

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